Where is my f***ing passport and there is no way I am giving $20 for sheets I dont get to keep

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The location on this one is a little dodgy, its actually a smaller town, but the locater couldnt find it. This is an advice one so you dont experience the same anger/panic that I did. The place is called Chop, and its where the Ukrainians do the border stop if you are going to Budapest. Granted coming at this time it was about 2am and still like 25 celcius. I have not eaten all day because there was no dining car on my train, that or my conductor, who spoke no language but Russian (Didnt speak much then) didnt understand what I was looking for. Anyhoo, when they come to check your passport, they do it in quite a unique way. One lady walks down the train and everyone gives them their passport. Apperently they have to change the wheels as well, so while doing border checks, they move the train. This changing takes about an hour, and they dont return your passport during this time. I was about 80% sure that my passport had just been stolen and I was going to attempt to enter the EU through Ukraine, in the middle of the night, with no passport. I figured they were just going to laugh and send me back to Kiev. Anyways, they finally came back and gave me my passport, much to my relief, and then the conductor came in and demanded I give him $20 US for the sheet I had used and the 2 unopened bottles of water he had placed in my room. Well I didnt have it at this time, and I was unwilling to mention I had Euros, and he wasnt taking my Ukrainian money (fucking nobody does, they laughed at me at the Frankfurt airport, Word to the wise, get ride of your Ukrainian money BEFORE  you leave Ukraine.) So we ended up making a deal where I would give him 150 roubles and 5 Euros and call it even. I was quite pissed that they charged me for sheets. Honestly, the key is have money in currency no Russian train conductor could want and if you do have something like Euros or dollars, hide them, and then lie.
andrewmarshall says:
got ride of my ukrainian money.... most of it... in gatwick airport
Posted on: Jul 23, 2007
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