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Being that my plan to defeat the jet lag on the transatlantic flight was successful, I was ready to get going. Since my plan involved excessive amounts of alcohol in the airport bar, I was also really hungry so I went to the first familiar place that caught my eye; Mcdonalds. I expected to see the standard Mcdonalds fair here, but just about the only menu item that was the same as in the states was the big mac - Everything else was totally redesigned for a British audience.

Once I got my greasy but familiar fries, I headed to my hostel to get situated as it was quickly approaching dusk. FYI - do not ask for ranch dressing as a dipping sauce anywhere in the Uk, especially Mcdonalds as it will quickly draw blank stares and expose your true tourist colors.
We don't have these in the states.

I was able to get pretty easily situated, and made it to my room without issue. I was also pleasantly surprised at the modern design and cleanliness of the hostel. My room was setup with 4 bunk beds, for a total of 8 people in each room. Each room has its own bathroom and shower area, but was relatively small.

Once I got situated, I quickly made friends with a guy from my room that was from Quebec and we decided to go check out the bar and common areas. Once there, we met someone else from Washington and we all decided that we wanted to go have some drinks in London's West End, which is their supposed party area. It turns out that there was a bank holiday on this particular Sunday, so we had issues finding a good pub that was still open.

Eventually, we succumbed to the cold and ended up going to a club instead, as there were no pubs open in the area. It turns out that the English listen to mostly American pop music in the club, so we drank and listened to some familiar music. The club closed early that night at 1am, so once last call was called, we finished our drinks and headed in for the night.
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We dont have these in the states.
We don't have these in the states.
Waiting in line for a familiar Ame…
Waiting in line for a familiar Am…
The crew from the first night. On …
The crew from the first night. On…
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