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I would never ever thought that I would land myself in Croatia (an ex Yugoslavia country) and I think it is hard not to fall in love with the country at first sight.  Croatian people in general speak english and it makes my travel so much easier without the language barrier.  I started from Zagreb, the capital of Croatia.  The first funniest impression that I get is Zagreb is smaller than Singapore.  You can finish the touristic sites in 1 day.  I went to the hilltop and down the hill and I get spare time to do the small cable car downhill and visit a few cathedrals.  I love the main square market and I just enjoy trying all the local food produce.  I carried a huge bottle of blackberry juice which is superb.  I wish they could export the juice to my country too.  Anyway, I was hugely disappointed that there is no change of guards on weekdays.  I have to go there again next time on a weekend.  I love to watch marching guards.  Going back to train station is only 10 mins with the fast tram.  I took the next train to Split.  The train broke down in the middle of nowhere and it is really a first time when I see mechanics servicing the train.   So after a long delay, I finally reach Split and I am smart enough to put my luggage at the locker in the train station.  Split is not an easy walk and having to drag your suitcase is not that advisable.  The buildings and roads are all really old and I have to climbed many floors to reach my hostels.  Just imagine going back 100 years without any elevators.  I did not see any ELEVATORs at all.

So, Split is very relaxing and beautiful.  It is hard not to fall in love with SPLIT.  It overlooks the Adriatic sea with many cafes.  The old city walk can be finished in one day.  I took a day trip to Trogir as I stayed 2nites in Split.  Trogir is a small boat ride away and it is so super easy.  It is located in front of the cafes and the boat is always full. 

I reached Trogir in 1.5 hours.  I enjoyed walking Trogir as there is less tourist and a lot more quiet and exotic.

I took a 4 hours walk as I took time to see the fortress, cathedrals and climbing up the clock tower.

From Split, I took a coach to Dubrovnik.... yeah, heavy storm and I felt sad that I did not get to see the sceneries in Bosnia.  No visa is required for transit and yeah just note to sit on the bus driver side (right face front) for nice view.

Okie.  It is harder again not to fall in Love with Dubrovnik.  Don't expect shopping malls in Dubrovnik old city.  There is a nice pebble beach beside the old fortress and I am glad to catch the Croatian cultural dance show at 9 pm in the old city.  It just sums up all the way I feel for Croatia.  The dance is fantastic.

I took a day tour to Montenegro and I get to see a very untouched old cities Kotor and Budva.  Most of the best pictures are from Montenegro.  Strangely... maybe it looks magical at any angle.

Not beautifull but magical.  Very old and untouched.  I love the tour and it is not possible if ever thinking to go Montenegro on my own.  The place looks like 1920s... you really need a car to travel there.

Montenegro is the only country that does not have its own currency in Europe. It uses EURO. haa..

Maybe they want to be tourist friendly.:P


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