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Travelled to Thailand in 2007 arrived in Bangkok, which I was immediately mesmerised by.  Stayed there for 4 nights, saw the most fantastic fire work display for the Kings birthday up the Sky Bayoke Hotel.  Flew over to Phuket, Patong beach which was gorgeous but really touristy.  Spent 2 nights in Phi Phi, which were fantastic, the place is beautiful and so are the neighbouring islands, there are loads of bars and restaurants for a tiny place, it rocked!

Over to Koh Lanta, even the trips in between islands and getting up at 8am didn’t bother me it was just amazing to have been there.  Koh Lanta was a lot quieter and got our first motorbike here.  Made friends with the locals and they took us to a party.  After 2 nights back to Phuket to get married.  Stayed in the most fantastic hotel ever Amari Coral Beach, Patong Beach.  We were doing this on budget except for the wedding part.  I can’t even describe how good it was it blew me away, the wedding was just the same, they really looked after us and the whole place and staff were amazing. 

After the wedding back to slumming it.  Stayed in Railay, again its a small island with a beautiful beach, there’s an east side and a west side.  East side is further along the road and its cheaper, we stayed for 2 nights at a place, then the last 2 nights we went in a cheaper room, well it wasn’t a room it was a hut.  It was about £7 a night for both of us.  Was cool though.  Nightlife was pretty good only downfall was the toilets out there some bars didn’t even have anything at all.  They had rock climbing and stuff here but we were just beach bums for 4 days.  Nice place off the beaten tourist track. 

Off to Koh Samui for 4 nights now.  Had a good time here and enjoyed it but was very touristy and lots of people drinking and being nob heads, not very chilled at all.  Was having a great night in a club when some nob decided to spoil it.  Nice beaches though and restaurants, there’s a gorgeous Mexican restaurant.  Good place to buy paintings. 

Koh Phangan.  Again we stayed off the beaten track of tourists here and stayed in a hut on the beach and apart from the Amari Coral this was definitely the best place to be, lying in your hammock on a beautiful gorgeous beach when the sun is shining.  You kind of need a motorbike here to get about, but it was fantastic, you get a tab and just get fags, food, beer when you want to and when we left after 5 days it only came to about £70.  Very friendly there, great food and beer.  It’s really chilled at night time not much to do but mingle and chat but there is beer and Samsung.  One night we went out and watched Thai boxing and another night was the Full Moon Party.  It was Xmas eve and before anything happened we got there dead early like 6pm and went up to the Mountain Bar, if you have been you will know what I mean but if you haven’t you won’t understand what I am on about.  We had Magic Mushroom shakes which totally blew my head off.  I’m no duck egg but this rocked me for about 2 hours I was completely out of it.  After it had wore off it was just really funny cause we just couldn’t believe what had happened then we started getting drunk and joining the party.  It did have quick a few nobs there though.  I couldn’t get drunk because of the mushy shake Id had so I was all to aware of everything and didn’t really relax tell you truth.   The mushy’s were definitely an experience to experience but think I’d have been a lot happier that night if I’d have stuck to the beers.   

Left here to make our way back to Bangkok, although got blagged about the travel time, set off around 2pm and didn’t get to Hui Hin till 2am by boat and bus. So only got to have one day and night here the beach was packed and it was a busy place but enjoyed it all the same, had a fab night out, made friends and ended up in a karaoke bar drinking Mai Thais singing Bon Jovi and all sorts of stuff.

Had another 2 nights in Bangkok as my fella was getting a big tattoo done.  Can’t tell you how sad it was to have to leave that Country every day was totally beautiful and I felt grateful all the time I was there that Id got to experience it.   


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