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at the port in morro
so we made it to 6. a.m.  and there was the boat waiting, so we climbed in and of we were! the one that makes the tickets forgot to charge me because i was sleeping, so i had a free ride! but that boat wasn't the official one so we ended up at some other place but valenca, but the people on the boat said that this is no problem cause there will be a bus waiting to get us to valenca, i urgently had to go to the toilette so i asked one of the officials if i'd have time to do that until the bus leafs, he said yes, so i went, i told my friends that they had to make sure the bus won't leaf without us, but they didn't hear me so the went all to the toilettes, and of course the bus left without us! so when we left the toilette they were gone, i got angry cause they promised that they'd not leaf! grrr! so i went to the ticket place and asked them when the next bus will come, they said that we can just go to the one with the company we came, and that there will be no bus for 2 hours! so i got even more angry! and explained them that we really need to get to valenca, cause we have to get a bus for what we already have a ticket (which wasn't true, but that put them into pressure!) so they said that we could ride with someone to the city, and said we'd have to wait over there and there will be one that drives, but we waited for more than half and hour and no-one came, so i complained again, than they put us in a bus, so we thought now we be able to get to the town, but the bus didn't drive no-where, so we waited there another half an hour, at the end we had to wait those 2 hours, and i guess the whole ticket team was a bit scared of me at the end, but i didn't care, the way they treated us was not funny, just saying that something will happen and then leaf us there!
but that lovely day wasn't finished yet! so we got to valenca, we got our luggage back, and there was a bus towards salvador 1 hour later, so perfect, but that bus didn't come on time either! it was about 40 min late, so we thought it was all against us! but the highlight was still to come, when the bus finally arrived, we entered the bus and my friend who got in before us, already looked in a weired way, well our seat were occupied and the one that was sitting, pissed on the seat and not just pissing! it smelled terrible, so we had to get other seats! luckily there were some more seats empty so lucky us!
after that bus we had to take a fairy boat to salvador, that went without problems, a huge fairy boat! so we finally made it to salvador after a very long day! in salvador we walked a long way from the fairy port to the elevator, it wasn't unsafe just not good roads, but i'd not walk this way at night!     
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at the port in morro
at the port in morro
Morro de Sao Paulo
photo by: joesu