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i heard a spirit of water

Puhawang, an island that located Lampung Bay waters area, Lampung has the region that is quite diverse topography. The island has a broad more than 694 ha, that divided into the hamlet in Puhawang Village as a parent. Shows such as villages in the mainland parent (Sumatra), the island is densely populated enough. This island is the most populous island nearest the mainland parent. Approximately 15 minutes by boat from the harbor boat, the nearest mainland parent (Sub-district Padang Cermin, Lampung), the island could be achieved.

itself administratively of Puhawang island located in the District government Pesawaran with a total population reached 250 people that spread into several small hamlets such as Suak Buah, Cukuh Nyai, Jelarangan, and at the same time Hamlet Village Pegetahan or Puhawang.

i listened the crying of the grouper
In addition densely populated, this village has a diverse ethnic and cultural as well. In this village could be found tribe of Banten, Sunda, Lampung, Java and other living side by side with one another. On average, the island has a population of livelihood as traditional fishermen. However, there are also some land to grow crops such as cocoa plantations, durian, the land of rice and other crops planting.

Biogeography Conditions

Actually, Puhawang Island divided into two islands, namely Puhawang Island and Puhawan Kecil what had no more than 11 ha in broad. Puhawang kecil not inhabited by the population, but the villa had been established ownership by a French citizen.

a nice soul
So automatically, any activity near the villa must obtain the permission of the local watchman.

In addition of a fisherman and horticulturalists, some of the people who have enough capital has been a revolution in local waters to be developed into areas where the mariculture of grouper fish species (Ephinepellus sp) in Nets (KJA=Keramba Jaring Apung).

In general, the mainland of Puhawang Island that resembles form a high altitude hills that land has been cultivated by local people for horticulturalists. While the coastal area divided into various forests of the coast areas, such as mangrove forest (mangrove), the sea grass areas (sea grass), and coral reef area.

In addition of the mangrove forest diversity, coral species in the waters of Island Puhawang also quite high. No less than 50 species of coral, which is divided into soft corals and hard corals were at a depth of between 2 m �" 15 m. However, the existence of coral animals are less threatened by the biological consequences because Acanthaster planci (The Crown of thorns Starfish) that the increased population. One thing that have been the increasing number of The Crown of thorns Starfish is the result of predatory animals was the decreasing, such as flyblow Triton shells (Charonia tritonis) like The Crown of thorns Starfish and Parrot fish, which also increasingly rare presence. everything will be normal, if their own people wasn’t trying to fix the mistakes that have been done.

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i heard a spirit of water
i heard a spirit of water
i listened the crying of the group…
i listened the crying of the grou…
a nice soul
a nice soul
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