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Driving to Grenada was great.  We got comfortable in the car quickly and the 2.5 hour drive went by fast.  All this despite the fact that Kim was convinced we would never be able to leave Seville by car because of the confusing streets and lack of a map.  We were able to find an open gas station which sold maps about half way to Grenada so we would have it available to us when we drive through the White hill Towns in a few days.  The views we passed were great and many of their caution signs have some humor to them which kept things interesting.  At the store in Seville, Kim bought some cheese and crackers for us to munch on during the trip.  I love cheese. 

Arrival in Grenada was pretty uneventful which was a surprise.  Between the maps and our guidebooks we were able to get into the old part of the city, avoid the restricted areas, and find a great deal on three days of parking.  For 39€ we got a week pass, which was cheaper then the 15€/day price we were quoted later from our hotel and the 25€ prices we were reading about.  In Grenada the old section is restricted for cars.  Only taxis, busses, and cars driven by tourists going to their hotels are permitted there.  According to the warnings we read about, you have to register your call before arriving because the police don´t monitor the roads directly, rather there´s an automated system which issues tickets.  It´s an unwelcome surprise difficult to fix when you´re turning in your rental car and they already know about the ticket. 

From the parking lot we walked to the bus stop, caught the bus into the old section, and were dropped off really close to our hotel...which was beautiful.  There are many good things to say about our hotel. 

That night we again took advantage of our new found tapas ordering skill.  In Grenada it´s even easier to enjoy them because it is common practice here for bars to serve a small tapa with your drink.  Between that and us ordering a tapa or 2 additionally we were full in just a few stops.  One bar had an odd tapa they gave out.  The bartender had a mix of canned tuna and tomato sauce which he spooned on to a split soft roll with some mayo.  He put that on the grill and once cooked served it with french fries.  It was a really odd flavor, not bad, but just a little unexpected.  Most of the other tapas were more ordinary and none were bad.  Tonight we had some pork ribs, croquettes, the aforementioned tuna sandwich, and a small plate of hummus.  Who knows what we´ll find tomorrow.

We´ve got an agenda tomorrow.  Reservations have been made for the Alhambra already (you should buy your tickets in advance on the internet) so we have to be there on time.  Our plan is to get there a bit early, see the surrounding sights, and then see the ticket required Palacio at our designated time of 1pm. 
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