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Our first stop was the island of La Palma in the Canary Islands.  We only had from 8am to 5pm to be on shore and decided to take the "Volcano and Wine" tour.  With our tickets bought we went to bed a bit early and ordered breakfast through room service. 

Room service on a boat is great.  They brought a full breakfast with tea to our room...for free!  We were able to eat while we got ready and jumped right on our tour bus.  The tour was a bit of a blur.  We went from the main dock in the city of Santa Cruz to a wine production facility where they explained that the grapes on this island grows through the volcanic rock into the soil below.  Because it is so windy the grapes don´t grow on standing racks like they do in other places, rather they grow along the ground.  Once harvested the winery makes them into red, white, and sweet wines.  It was interesting and we bought a bottle to take home.

From the winery we went to the top of one of the major volcanos on the island.  There are actually several so I kept telling Kim that one of them is due to blow any day now.  I proposed to here at the top of the volcano since it was a great view, and to me represented the top of the world, and our future.  She accepted and quickly started to plan the wedding.  I wasn´t ready for that part.

We then went to a local pottery manufacturer who sold a lot of knick-nacks.  Apparently theres a lot of demand for little items from China. 

The tour on a whole was bad.  We were rushed between crowded places, waited in lots of lines, and didn´t see anything real interesting.  Kim and I usually avoid tours like this and while I´m sure we had a good reason to take the tour I can´t remember it now.

After the tour we walked around Santa Cruz a bit.  Being a Sunday it was mostly closed, but we were able to get a beer and a ham and cheese sandwich with some chips.  Yumm.  Kim´s practicing her Spanish so I´m having fun watching her communicate with people.

We mailed off a few postcards and got back on the ship where I took a nap on the deck until being woken by the fog horn.´s loud.  Dinner was great, we celebrated a bit with some sparkling wine, and then played Friendly Feud on the boat.  It´s just like Family Feud, but between groups of couples instead of families.  We had a good time with that but decided we were tired and went to bed before the Dancing under the Stars event at 11p.  We wanted to get an early start tomorrow with our second stop and didn´t want to sleep the day away.  I don´t know why the ship had to schedule such a late event on a night before a port...why couldn´t we do these things last week?
boxinbcn says:
Posted on: May 17, 2010
moonwalker7 says:

WHEN'S the Bachelor Party!!!!! hahahaha....we'll talk bout that when you get back.

You guys have fun on the rest of your vacation.
Posted on: May 10, 2010
johnsonkj says:
Wow! You so calmly said YOU PROPOSED!!!! WHAT???? HOLY COW!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! We are all so excited for you - Gerry is standing right next to me and says congrats! We can't wait to hear the story IN FULL!!!!! Yay!!
Posted on: May 10, 2010
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Santa Cruz de la Palma
photo by: migemartin