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The Columbus statue at the end of Las Ramblas
Now is when the real trip begins!

We were able to get off the boat fairly easily.  Royal Caribbean is as organized as the other cruise lines I´ve travelled with and with a little patience you can uneventfully get off the boat.  Once you´re off the boat is where the circus is found.  A combination of over 2000 guests arriving at the same time, with the fact there was a second boat docking, and unloading, at the same time, and the strained transport system made for a slightly stressful transfer into the city.  We had to wait for a second bus because the first filled up quickly, and while doing so we had to guard our space in line because Europeans don´t seem as mindful of lines as we are in the US.  After 2 weeks of being cut in front of we were impatient with it happening.
Kim in front of Las Ramblas
  Apparently we weren´t the only ones because a group of people in front of us (I think they were from Canada) actually grabbed the arm of a line cutter and gave them an ear full.

Kim and I were able to get to the harber end of Las Ramblas and then to the metro station easily once the next bus arrived.  We learned quickly that you must have change if you want to ride on public transport.  Neither of us had small Euro change so we had to charge the trip on Kim´s credit card. 

The metro took us to the main train station where we took the RENFE train to the Barcelona International Airport (BCN).  That was where things got a bit interesting.  Our plan required that we leave one of our bags at the airport before flying to Seville.  The only information I could find about doing this said the left baggage area was in Terminal B.  When we arrived at the airport we had to decide between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.  We chose Terminal 2 (B=2?) and then found that there was a Terminal A, B, and C there...Finally we just asked and were told that the left baggage area was in Terminal 1.

Terminal 1 was a 10 min shuttle ride away and once there we were able to find it easily.  Unfortunaly the instructions weren´t as easy to understand.  We knew that we needed a large locker (4.90€/day) and that we needed it for 15 days.  So that would be over 73€.  The machine only took change so Kim went to get 75€ in change.  Since the Euro has 2€ coins that means we would need 38 coins to get by.  As she finished I figured out that the machine wanted us to put in todays fee of 4.90€ now, and the rest when we picked up the bag...Now Kim has a lot of change in her purse...I guess it will be good for the bus.

Fortunatly we were now in the correct terminal for our flight on Vueling Airlines.  Kim, eager to practice her Spanish, got lunch for us and then we went to check in.  Vueling checked the weight of our carry one baggage...I was scared...but they said that we could check 1 bag for free so that made things easy.  Once checked in we had a short wait to get on the plane.  Vueling Airlines is a low cost air provider in Spain, and they accomplish this with 31 rows in their A320 Airbus plane.  Most US providers have 28 rows on this model of plane.  We were packed in tight.  That didn´t bother me much since the flight was only 90 minutes long.  The problem was the shaking.  The plane took off, shook as we gained altitude, and continued shaking for most of the flight.  The pilot didn´t seem to think much of it because he turned off the seatbelt sign even while we were still ascending.  This caused a baby to start crying, and then as we descended Kim started to get scared.

This flight turned in to my version of hell.  The plane shook, my knees were in my face because the seats were so tight, a baby was crying, and my fiancee was gripping my arm so hard I thought it might break.  We landed sucessfully and ended up having a great day in Seville.

We found the right bus, and our hotel easily even in the winding, narrow, and genearlly unmarked streets of Seville.  The room seemed first.
quinnkim says:
Thank God you were with me on the plane, otherwise some poor stranger would have had his arm gripped off!
Posted on: May 18, 2010
cotterb says:
Posting took a lot longer then expected. I´ll try to put up some pictures next time, sorry.
Posted on: May 17, 2010
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The Columbus statue at the end of …
The Columbus statue at the end of…
Kim in front of Las Ramblas
Kim in front of Las Ramblas
photo by: fivepointpalm