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Kim in the Columbus Square
We got to the airport at a perfect time in advance of our flight.  There weren't any lines and we didn't have to wait long before they started boarding.  We did however, because of our hectic week before leaving, have a bag that weighed 65lbs...15 over the 50lbs limit.  We had no idea what caused that and just paid the excess so that we didn't have to try repacking everything in the middle of the airport.  We'll have to re-think things in Spain for our return flight. 

A full day of travel wore us out.  We had a three hour flight from Denver to Charlotte, NC leaving at 1am.  Neither of us slept well on the plane, but we were able to get breakfast once we landed which was nice.  We had a great breakfast at Chili´s which surprised me since I didn´t know they served eggs there.
Flags at the St Christopher Fort
  While we were relaxed at the airport it was still difficult to get rest on the floor by our gate.

After our nearly 4 hour layover we took off for San Juan.  The flight was much faster then even the airline anticipated, putting us on ground a full hour then expected which was nice.  The cab got us straight to our hotel and we got settled in a bit with some showers.  We were already feeling a bit spent, but decided not to waste the day.  We tried to catch a bus to the historic part of San Juan, but the bus system is poorly marked and seemed pretty unreliable so we ended up catching a cab after nearly an hour of waiting.   A bummer because later in our stay we were able to figure out the bus system a bit better. 

Old San Juan was beautiful.  We found a nice place for a good meal.  I got some deep fried spiced pork in a bowl of plantains.  It was great!  Kim got something similar but with shredded chicken instead.  A daiquiri and sangria made everything that much better. 

In the Columbus Square of Old San Juan they had a large art show along with local musicians.  It was pretty neat to see.  Very close to us was an ancient fort, which had been used actively by even the US Military up to the 1940's.  It's now a US National Park area which makes for a great cheap place to visit.  During WWI the military would use this as an outlook for ships and submarines coming near.  We walked around the park for a bit before heading back to the hotel early, exhausted.

The heat today was incredible.  Weather reports earlier in the week called for rain, but it was actually hot...really hot.  We were sweating like mad with the humidity.  We were able to catch a bus back and then wandered the area around our hotel a bit before returning to it via the beach.  The beach was beautiful and we were looking forward to spending some time on it. 

We hit the sack early and slept in way too late the next morning. 
quinnkim says:
Claire would be so proud of us for having an overweight bag on the way on vacation! :)
Posted on: May 02, 2010
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Kim in the Columbus Square
Kim in the Columbus Square
Flags at the St Christopher Fort
Flags at the St Christopher Fort
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