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First of all let me introduce you to the most exciting event of this fall, namely and spectacular expedition that can change your life. Here is an opportunity to understand and perceive very exiting countries that may give you a unique insight in some much hidden regions of the world.

I’m a27 year old young man, who loves to understand more of our fantastic globe and its international relations. I’m currently studying in political science Norway, were I am also born and raised. I have many years of travelling behind me, and hopefully many years to come with exiting journeys. Long I have walked around with a dream to make my own overland expedition, searching unknown cultures and regions. This is why the trip goes to these countries.

I have been living in similar countries and the trip will be made with all precautions and security as number one priority.  Further all the preparations are far from made, so all new participants being recruited will have an opportunity to contribute to the planning process.


After a lot of myth is built around different countries in East Asia like for instance Turkey, Iran, Pakistan and India, there are so many question marks. The plan is to explore these countries to reveal some of the positive attributes around the mystical’s nations.  The expeditions will have as its goal to explore and document the people, the culture and the geographical wonders. Like the less positive journey of Alexander the Great we will see his path and understand more what drove them to pursue these regions. The end of the trip will go through India and end up in Sri Lanka.

Since Germany is a very good place to buy a good and cheap car it’s likely to purchase a Land Cruiser in Germany round in July / August 2010 and start the trip from there.  

Currently I’m looking for a Main partner or two partners interested in investing in the car 30- 50 %, (Around 3000 Euros) and have additional cash to make the trip 3-4 months on the road. The plan is to resell the car in India and get back most of the investment.

I am also looking for participants who are interested to join the trip for a certain period, and then pay a fixed price, that will be agreed on, depending on the length of the individual trip.

Further the tentative plan is to leave Germany with the fixed car before the 1 of September, then do the trip through Turkey, Iran and Pakistan in less than two months. Further India and Sri Lanka, will endure around two additional months if the plan goes according. That means we should arrive to Sri Lanka sometime before New Year’s Eve in 2010.

The calculations are done so you should estimate to use around 20-25 Euros a day for the period.  


 Please send me an email, if any of this seems interesting, and I will come back to you immediately.

Best regards


Daniel Huth Ommundsen
Email: Daniel (a)

Phone +47 930 16 985

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