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SYS memorial hall with 101 peeking from behind
Tuesday, and I went out for a walk around the hostel area. I wore my sneakers because it is dried and I am thankful for it being dry because that would mean my foot would not suffer as much as they did the previous day. But, to my horror, it was raining, so my sneakers are going to get wet again.
I roamed the area to find a laundry. As it was still very early, alot of shops were not open yet. I went to a building, thinking that would be like a shopping mall like of building, but it turned out to be more like the wet market which we have here in Singapore. I was told that there is a laundry shop here, but after walking 2 rounds in the building, the shop unit which was supposedly the laundry shop turned out to be a shop selling electrical stuff. I walked further down and combed the other areas near the hostel.
The whole area is really like the wet markets in Singapore. I went to a provision shop and bought plasters for the blisters on my foot. Then I went back to the hostel, slacked a while, and we went off to our first destination.
Lucky for me, we took MRT down to SYS memorial hall, which was renamed also. As I have identified this place from 101 that day, it was easy to recognise the building from afar. We went in, but were mesmerised by scenes of beautiful 101 in the distance. I think I am totally in love with 101 because Huiling said "nah, your 101". How I wished it was mine..hahah....anyway, We went in and the first thing we saw was a very big statue of Mr Sun Yat San. I took one semester of South-east asia Chinese history back when I was still an undergrad, and thankfully I did, because here, there are a lot of exhibits about Mr Sun and his rebellion for democracy, and how he played a key role in the history of Taiwan.
That really made me know more about the cause of the current affairs in East Asia, esp Taiwan and China. We finally caught the changing of guards here, and the display was impressive. Abit long, the rifle display is definitely one of the best I have seen. Turning rifles, with bayonet and a very decorative tussle with only one hand. Even a simple salute is more impressive than our M16 salute here in Singapore. But of course, the drills movement here is totally different from Singapore. At least when I caught the teeny bit of Horse Guards Dismount, I can recognise that their marching (with swords) is probably 95% similar to the ones that we practised in Singapore, but movement in Taiwan is different. For one, they dont leave their legs 90 degrees when turning.
O-A-Mi-Sua...YUM! #tip: It tastes nicer in Taiwan, really, tried and tested by me
Anyway, I think the lines above will probably interest my NP friends only. ahhahaha...but it is still very interesting to watch the fancy rifle display. The guard change every hour, so you have plenty of chances to catch it.
After that, we walked (again) to the financial district of Taipei 101, passing Taipei City Hall along the way. There was a recycling exhibition going on, and we went in to have a look. For any NP cadets who are taking part in the triple R competition, here are some inspirations which you can make from reused stuffs. The interesting, at least for me, is that the host of the event had hair extension using used cassette tapes. Not only is it creative but also environmental friendly.
It really looks like a chinese painting. Bamboo-shoot-past-cloud
We didnt stay long, and went to new york new york, a place which is just like any other shopping malls in Singapore. But, thankfully there is a 7-eleven there, I got to replenish my supply of plasters for my foot. We walked to my 101 and had lunch there. Finally, I had a taste of the famous oyster noodles, or or ah mee sua. Eat mee sua mean longevity wor....anyway, I was glad that there are still cheap food to be found in the basement food court of the world's tallest building. There are some stalls selling set meals at 100NTD, which is 5 sing dollars, and the set meal consists of, in my case, oyster mee-sua, a plate of boiled green veg and 3 pieces of toufu. Huiling also bought a 100NTD meal, which is fried rice, oyster omelette and fishball soup. It is definitely worth the price.
The bridges, which were spotted at 101.

After lunch, we wanted to go to a park that was indicated on the map, that is near WuFenPu. So, we walked there again. It was quite a long walk in my opinion, because both my feet were covered in 10++ plasters. We got lost several times, and then we came upon Raohe nightmarket.
As it was still very early for the stalls to set up, we just walked though the quiet street. We hit many dead ends, and then finally, we saw a dis-used stair-cases near one of the bridges. There, we found the park that we had been trying to find for the past 1 hour. It was a long stretch of park, but the thing is, we can see my 101 as well as McArthur bridge from this location. After doing some patch-up on my right foot, we set off again to nowhere, so we headed back to Raohe night market.
There, I spotted the cheapest bubble tea shop throughout the entire Taiwan trip. most of the red tea which I drink cost 20NTD, this one cost 15NTD and is the size of the medium drink if you go to KFC, unlike the small drink you get from bubble tea in Singapore for S$1. It was definitely worth it, and under the hot sun, nothing beats having a cool and refreshing drink of Taiwan red tea.
Because we had some time to spend, both of us decided to take a bus and see where the bus will take us. We wook it, and after 1 hour, we reached Nan Shi Jiao. We walked awhile, then took the same service back to Raohe NM to take photos of the NM gate.
We met up with Huiling's bro, who agreed to take us to WuFenPu to buy some cheap stuffs. Along the way, we saw the words "Marry Me,Diana" lit up on Taipei 101.
Romantic area where we witness a passionate goodnight kiss between a couple
Who is the lucky girl Diana? We dont know, but it is definitely the most romantic way in Taipei to propose to your girl.
We met up with her bro, and after dinner, went to WuFenPu. We did a quick tour around the area, took some looks at some of the clothes, and went back. Indeed, the things are cheap there. Clothes sell for as low as 100NTD. But we couldnt find clothes that are suitable (in terms of design and price), we left the place early.
On our way back, we saw something which made our day well-spent. Here goes: It began to rain the moment we left WuFenPu, and armed with an umbrella each now, we walked back to out hostel. Our walk from Taipei main station to our hostel will take us past a quiet street, esp at night. I wouldnt say that it is a shabby street, or a run-down alley, but there are some constructions going on and the area has been fenced up.
Romantic area by day
The street faces the road, and at busy times, this area can be noisy and dusty. On this night, we were walking back, with another passer-by behind us, and we saw a couple sooo deep in their kiss that both me and huiling find it funny. Firstly, we dont find it romantic to kiss in that part of the street, and both of us agreed that if they were to do it in the rain, rather than sheltered street, it would have been more romantic. Anyway, we just laughed because we thought that was the most funny thing we saw the whole day, not the kissing but the choice of location for the romantic moment. And also the funny thing is why both of us, agreed that that was the most funny thing to see in Taipei. Perhaps we were just too tired and had gone a bit mad, so here's the photo of the place taken at night and in day time. You decide if it is romantic. Ofcourse, I think my photography skills have improved, but imagine the road roaming with taxis and cars and bus at night too.
ahboon says:
the o a mi sua realli doesnt taste that nice in spore....
Posted on: Aug 15, 2007
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SYS memorial hall with 101 peeking…
SYS memorial hall with 101 peekin…

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O-A-Mi-Sua...YUM! #tip: It ta…
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