Driving in Como, Italy Part 1

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Driving in Como, Italy

In the slightly overcast balmy morning, with barely any sleep but fully energized, my car and  I board a ferry at Cadenabbia, a town just south of Menaggio, with the destination Bellagio. Many travel programs and books have been published about this region. It is not hard to imagine why. This is the land of Leonardo Da Vinci and Michaelangelo.

When the ferry is about at the midpoint between Cadenabbia and Bellagio, the view before me is beyond fantastic. The mountains in this region are confident mountains. They are not shy. They go straight up without any hesitation. It creates amazing backdrops for the colorful coastal towns along the shores.
And these coastal towns are separated from the inland towns by these giants.

The steep brows and the meandering coast lines make it impossible for the road engineers to build the straightest roads. Because of these characteristics, the towns here have a lot more hairpins than the ten hair saloons in my neighborhood. So if you are a hairpin nut, this will be your heaven on earth.

Since water is the source of life after the energy of the Sun, it is very easy to see why this body of the dark, marine-blue water, originating from the Lombardy glaciers, supports the incredible vibrant atmosphere. Everything here; the colors of the Italian architecture villas, the scent of the blooming rainbow flowers, and the sound of the chirping birds seem to be more vivid. It is hard to describe in words. It is the inner feeling I experience by being here.

The lush colorful vegetations electrify the already gorgeous panoramic scenery. This place is an ecstasy pill for the visual cortex. This is one of the few places that I will go back again and again because I will always learn and experience something new about the land, the people, the culture, the roads, and myself...

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photo by: Andreas_D