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I left at midnight from Salto and arrived at Montivideo at 7am. I wished the bus ride was longer because I was sleeping really well on that bus. But I got off the bus just to wait around for a couple of hours and get on another bus for Punta del Diablo. I was surprised at how flat Uruguay was. I could not see any mountains. Just a few rolling mole hills and flat land all the way up to the beach. I went to Uruguay off the recomendation of a friend who knows me pretty well and told me that I would really like it. He told me to go to Punta del Diablo and after reading some blogs about this place I was convinced it was right up my alley. I had read that some busses dont go into the town so I made sure that the one I took did.

The bus stopped and a few other backpackers got off. I looked around me and I wasnt at a bus station. It was more just a place where 2 sand roads cross and there were some shops and restraunts around. I didnt make any reservations, but I had picked out a hostel I was going to try. There were signs all over the place pointing to various Cabanas and Hostels. I had seen a sign for Diablo Tranquilo. Lucky for me there was a young man who spoke English who had earned a feww bed for the night if he walked up to the bus stop and led the backpackers to the hostel. So I followed him to the hostel. There are 2 hostels by the same name that work together and are really close to one another. One is on the beach and would have been nice to stay at, but they didnt have anymore $10 beds. So I stayed at the other one.

As far as hostels go... this was a good one. It fit in perfectly to the vibe of the town: A lazy fishing village that attracts vacationers, surfers, travelers and anyone looking for a mellow time by the beach. There's awesome beaches to walk on, good waves, good places to eat, lots of seafood. There's a little boardwalk with some artisan stuff. It was off season so it was pretty mellow and lots of things were closed. Aparently in the summer months of December-february it's pretty busy. This hostel seemed to attract a lot of really cool people from all over the world. Some people I talked to were planning on staying 2 nights and had been there for 7. Others who were looking to conqure larger cities left after a few days with the feeling that they had seen all that this place had to offer.

After spending the previous few days sleeping on busses I just wanted to relax a bit. On day 2 I went to the Fortress and then into the National park and walked back to the Hostel. This is how you do it: Take the bus tward Chuy and ask to be let off at the fortress.We asked the people on the bus if we could walk back to Punta del Diablo and they thought we were crazy. We Walked around the fortress for a while. We asked the lady working there if we could walk back to Punta del Diablo and she thought it was dangerous and crazy... she was wrong. We almost decided just to take the bus back so that we didnt get lost or run out of daylight, but we went to the park entrance to talk to the guy there. He seemed to think it was a great idea and whipped out a map showed us how we could do it. He told us it would take us about 3 hours. He was about right. The part of the map that says Playa Grande isn't jokin. We ended up spending the last little bit of our hike walking along the beach in the sunset (the sun sets over the land however) and getting back to the hostel just before it was Dark. It was perfect actually.

The floowing day I surfed. The hostel does rent boards and gives lessons too, but the boards they rent are all foam top logs. I should have maybe looked around at one of the surf shops for a butter board, but I didnt know that they wouldne let me take a real board out. (they had glass boards in the same rack)

I really enjoyed this place. It's not wildly exciting, but it's peaceful and beautiful.


Salto to Montivideo   Company: Agencia Central   Time: 7hrs    Cost: $507Uruguain (about $25USD)

Montivideo to Punta Del Diablo   Company: Rutas del Sol   Time: 5-6 hours  Cost: $167 Uruguain (About $8.50 USD)

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Punta del Diablo
photo by: AndySD