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The computer wouldn't let me verify Iguassu Falls in Argentina, but we went to the Argentina side.

The Hostel in Brazil had a things where you pay them for the transportation and the park entry fee and they take care of everything. We brought our stuff because I wasn't going back into Brazil and Charles wasn't going back to the hostel, but to the bus station. The driver took care of all the boarder stuff. We had met some Italians and spent the day exploring the Argentinia side of the falls. Everyone told us that it was better and we could see more of the different waterfalls and get right up close to the "Garganta de Diablo" "the Devils Throat".

I had some pretty high expectations for this place and all of them were exceded. There were paths and walk ways to a bunch of locations that put you right up close to the various falls.

It was a little touristy because the walkways were so nice, but it made it accessable for everyone including people with disabilities which is nice. It wasn't hiking. The area is increadable. There are waterfalls everywhere you look. Big ones, little ones, multi teared ones. And all with jungle inbetween. I felt like I was in Fern Gully/the Elf kingdom in Lord of the Rings. I kept thinking of how cool it must have been for the people who first dicsovered this place because you walk up and there are a series of really increadble waterfalls and then you they just keep getting better.

Then we took the train to the Big one. We saw lots of butterflies and brightly colored birds on the way and even an Aligator. We also saw Quati (an anteater). When we got close the roar of the water was strong and it was so loud when we got there that you could feel the noise in your chest.

It felt like the whole place was vibrating with the roar. It was truely an amazing sight to see.

We could see accross to where the Brazilian side was and we diceded that we had made a good choice by going to the Argentine side. We we're much closer and could see all the smaller falls as well.

After the big one we had some time, but not tons of time before the park closed and the van would pick us up so we decided to go do a hike to another falls. We wern't sure if we would get all the way there before we had to turn around to go back based on time so we decided to run. But we were wearing flip-flops and it had rained so much the day before they were getting stuck in the mud. So we went barefoot running though the jungle. (Probably not the smartest thing to do as I kept imagining fungus and deseases that I was going to contract from an open wound I would get by stepping on a stick or rock, but it was fun.) We then met some girls on the way who asked us if we were as scared of the enormus spiders as they were. I guess we just didnt think about them. Anyway, we got to the falls in plenty of time, washed the mud off, took some photos and walked back to catch the Van.

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Foz do Iguacu
photo by: joesu