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I had the van drop me off at the bus station on the Argentina side of the falls and said a sad goodbye to my buddy, grew some balls and walked in. I didn't really know where I was going next, I didnt have a bus ticket and only had half a plan. I had heard from some that it is impossible to cross from Argentina to Uruguay unless you go through Buenos Aires and take the Ferry. But I had read one blog on Travel Buddy of a guy who did it going the other way (from Uruguay to Falls) So I followed the steps backwards.

I walked up to the counter and told them I wanted to go to "Punta del Este, Montivideo or Salto" They told me I wasn't going to find a bus to take me all the way to any of those places, but I could take the bus to Concordia access and take a taxi to Concordia and a bus from there. So I bought that ticket. The bus drove away 10 minutes later with me on it and strangly enough I was the only one. It was an overnight bus, but I couldn't sleep very well because the bus stopped a lot and everytime I wanted to make sure it wasn't my stop. About 12 hours later when the sky was just starting to get light on the horizon I heard the word Concordia and jolted out of my half sleep state, grabbed my stuff and hopped off the bus. I got my backpack, confirmed that it was Concordia and then looked around me. There was no city, just the few people who had gotten off the bus, one car with a lady standing next to it and the road with an over pass. Hummm... I'm on the side of the road in Argentina somewhere, No onespeaks English, I don't speak Spanish well. Hummm. The lady standing by the car walked up to me and said "Taxi." Ah, perfect, thats what I need. I told her I was trying to go to Salto and she told me that she could drive me for $100 pesos or she could take me to the bus station and a buswould take me there at noon for $12 pesos. I didn't really have many pesos so I went to the bus station. I walked in the bus station and asked the man behind the counter when the next bus was leaving to Salto. He told me in about 10 minutes. So I bouth the ticket and walked right onto the bus.

I got to Uruguay by 8:30am. I had no Uruguain Pesos. and the bank didn't open till 10am to change money. So I hung out, met some backpackers from Germany who recomended that I go to some Hot Springs and gave me specific directions on how to get there and what to expect.

After I got some money I ate, bought my ticket for that eveing and went to the Dayman Termas. I was told "the little town is funny. It's a bunch of old folks walking around in thier bathrobes." Yes it was. Exactly that... and some families and other various people on holiday. It was about 70pesos or about $4 to get in and spend the day. 14 pesos to ride the bus (less than a dollar) Kinda weird to be in hot pools when it's hot outside, but not a bad way to spend the day. It also provided a way for me to take a hot shower being as I hadn't done so in more than a day and I had been running through the forest barefoot sweaty and covered in mud and sitting on a bus in my own stench  in the time sense I had last taken a shower. I had untill midnight to spend in Salto. So I spent a LONG time at the Termas.

I didn't want to deal with putting my bag in a locker or deal with carrying it around, so I pretty much stayed at the termas or the Bus station. I saw a bit of the area around. Then headed out.

Busses:  Iquacu to Concordia Argentina   Time: 12 hours I lost the ticket and dont remember the company or the cost.

Concordia to Salto  Company: Flecha Bus    Time: 1 hr    Cost: $12 Argentine (about $4 USD)

Taxi from Road to Concordia bus station: $20 Argentine ($5 USD)



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