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So im waiting for the bus from Lima to Arequipa, an 18 hour journey that will take me from the coast of the pacific to the base of a volcano.  The only time i can remember traveling for so long at once was Day 1 of my cross country trip with Rob, when we drove from NYC to Chicago. Something tells me this will be a little different.

I´m not used to this blogging thing and am unsure how much to share, but one of the points of my trip down here was to write as much as possible. I guess this is a form of writing. Hell, even if no one reads this its a good practice. Perhapse by documnting this journey i will rediscover my love and passion for the creative process of scribing.

That said, last night in Lima was pretty insane. I broke two of my father´s rules, and one of my mothers. So if you are either of those people, stop reading this entry now. Come back tomorrow or whenever i update this again so thine eyes are not offended by my transgressions.


Broken Rule 1 - Don´t get drunk when traveling alone. Broken by 9pm. Pisco Sours are explosive. And i only had one! What the fuck... maybe it was all the south american beer i had afterwards.

Broken Rule 2 - Don´t walk home alone at night while drunk. Opps.

Broken Rule 3 - Avoid romantic involvement with local women.  Well, i didnt really break this one mom (i thought i told you to stop reading?). I won´t go into details but Peruvian girls are crazy. And really really crazy. Or at least this one was. Walked her home and then tried to leave. Got stalked and followed for 10 blocks while she screamed in spanish at me. Talk about clingy...  

Anyway, im really intrigued by Lima, and can´t wait to come back here in a month and explore the stuff i didnt have the time to see just yet.  I really want to thank Lucia (a friend of a friend) who lives in Lima and showed me around yesterday. I don´t think ive met a nicer person. Thank you!! We´ll go paragliding off the cliffs of Lima next month!

flying_dolphin7 says:
interesting blog of your peru's blog, one of my dream list;)
Posted on: Apr 14, 2012
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