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So I'm bidding a sad and disappointing farewell to Australia, tomorrow I'll be in Bangkok and one step closer to returning to the UK.

It's been an incredible 3 months here, even if the outcome hasn't been entirely what I expected or hoped for. The last day I spent in Melbourne I had lunch with my good friend Maddie, after which I said goodbye through tearful eyes realising it was the last time I'd see her for a while. The weather had been appalling all day and she commented that it was though Melbourne was crying tears of rain because I was leaving, a poetic sentiment that echoed my own feelings. Leaving Australia feels like leaving someone you love behind, who you know you are not going to see again for a long time. I guess that feeling of loss is as much for the city and the life I am leaving behind as the people that I’ve met while I’ve been here. I’m glad I listened to those who told me to stick it out after my period of homesickness at the start of August and battled through it and settled in and really enjoyed life in Melbourne. If anything it’s made me realise this is where I want to be and how much I want to be here. It’s definitely been a positive learning experience as it’s made me see Australia’s flaws but realise that they aren’t enough to deter me from living here. It’s also made me appreciate the things I love about the UK but they’re not enough to stop me from wanting to leave. I certainly though have been left with a renewed sense of patriotism for my homeland (though I think that’s because the Commonwealth Games are on here and the Ashes are coming up).

I feel as though I’ve taken my knowledge of Melbourne to a whole new level and got to experience the city more like resident than a visitor. Annoyingly the weather is just starting to improve and the last two weekends in Melbourne were glorious, so much so that I was able to lounge around in the park and on the beach in St Kilda as well as in the Royal Botanical Gardens.

I don’t even know how to begin to summarise my time here or even if I can. I know that I have no regrets quitting my job in the UK or taking this trip, it’s just so frustrating to have worked so hard to save up the most money I’ve ever saved in my life, spend the lot, and not achieve my goal of moving here. To add insult to injury I found out through talking to a migration agent that I could have lodged my permenant residents application before I left (I didn’t think I could gain enough points but it would appear I can!) and then just spent my trip traveling around South America. On the flip side I wouldn’t have had this opportunity to experience living here first and make sure it was really what I wanted. Also I’ve had a totally amazing time and stepped foot on every (inhabited) continent, met yet more incredible people who I will now call friends and savoured adventures that most people only dare to dream of, so I guess I shouldn’t be too down hearted!

Going home as it turns into winter isn’t helping my demeanour either but at least I get almost three weeks of sun and I’m really looking forward to Thailand, I think it’ll be a totally different experience to the last time I was there, the more I read, the more I want to stay longer but money is not on my side on this one.

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photo by: Sunflower300