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The tourist bus to Copa was late, no real surprise there, but the annoying part was having to haul my backpack up the steep hill I thought I'd paid an extra Bs. 10 to avoid having to do. Copa was a fairly pleasant town and the hostess of my hostel was an angel. Before I forget I should mention the bus journey; as part of the route from La Paz to Copa you have to go across the smaller section of the lake to get to the shore of the larger section of the lake, obviously you're on a bus so I hear you ask how do you do this? By bridge?no that would be far too simple, nope by barge and ferry, the buses go on a barge the passengers go on a small boat (after a shakedown from the Bolivian police) - one of the many random sights I've seen on my travels, still not as random though as milk in a bag for me but I digress. Within the space of about a few hours of being in Copacabana I managed to bump into three friends in the same street within about 5 minutes of each other (you can get a feel of how big this place is already), always nice to see a familar face. My first day was pretty relaxed, buying bus tickets etc and I caught up with Sarah & Wayne (who I'd seen earlier) for an early dinner before they got their bus to Cusco. I spent the rest of the evening enjoying my cable tv in my hostel catching up on CSI and other favourites, what an adventurous backpacker eh? The next day I took a rather rushed day trip to the Isla del Sol, I'd recommend staying overnight if you have time as a day is just too manic to do it in the day but unfortunately I didn't have that luxury. I managed to get talking to an English couple and spent the day hiking across the island with them. It had been pretty cold on the boat and an early start had meant no breakfast, being cold, tired and hungry isn't much motivation to start a trek even of it's only a day long one. After causing the first ticket guard a small heart attack by getting him to crack a 100 Bs note (changing a 10 is usually bad enough) off we went sans guide. The trek/ hike, whatever you want to call it was a bit of a mission, we didn't have time to real stop at all and had to get a decent pace on in order to make the 3.30 boat back. We missed some of the ruins but after Tiahuanaco I wasn't really blown away but the scenery both on and off the island was certaintly more impressive with some of the scenery in the middle of the island resembling alpine forests. One of the most irritating things about Isla del Sol was the constant stumping up for fees for the various routes and attractions, why they could just role it all into one ticket or include it with the boat ticket I don't know, maybe that's just too sensible. After some hastily gathered snacks at the bottom of the Inca steps (they really don't deserve such a grand title I can tell you) we made the boat and got back to Copa in time to enjoy some trout at one of the fishermans shacks facing the lake. I'm not usually a big fan of river fish but the trout from Lake Titicaca was amazing and the whole meal for three of us including drinks was the princely sum of about £7! Although Bolivia is still fairly warm in winter in the day by night it's bitterly cold and as the sun drops it's time for warm clothes and hot drinks. So off we went in search of something to warm our cockles, we ended up indulging in hot chocolate with rum as well as pancakes for desert. An observation from eating out in Cops is that while they might have extensive menus they rarely keep all of the ingredients in stock so often you'll see someone run out to get something, in our case the strawberries for our pancakes. We were all taking the bus in the morning so after pudding we all went back to our hostels, more CSI for me! My three weeks in Bolivia had flown by and I wished I'd allowed myself longer, I could've spent an extra week in Sucre alone and that's without going to Samiapata and Rurambaque as well, Bolivia reminds me of Guatemala in the respect for a small country it packs a hell of a lot in. Maybe someday I'll be back...  
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photo by: aliciaaa