Stuck in Lukla as no flights due to bad weather.

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We took a leisurely walk to Lukla crossing the valley and bridges, passed a few trekkers who were starting there trek and all excited. There were quite some porters on the trail all carrying huge loads to Namche Baazar. We reached Lukla and found that the weather to be cloudy and no flights for the past 2 days. There were trekkers struck in Lukla waiting for the weather to clear, all watiing with there luggage for the flight to come in. We realized that our turn might be delayed since the airlines would clear the backlog first, so we ran to the airlines office to register our names in the queue.

Heard a few stories that if the weather is bad then sometimes people are struck for 4-5 days, we prayed that should not be the case. We still have 1 spare day so were hoping that we should get our turn when the weather clears. Its just a 25 min flight but a 5 days walk to a place named Jiri and from there a bus ride back to Kathmandu.

Some of the trekkers who were waiting for 2 days took the expensive chopper ride to Kathmandu costing approx around US$ 300-400 per person. The chopper guys made a killing for people who wanted to reach Kathmandu urgently. Trekkers used to wake up early in the morning, take there bags to the airport and then wait till 11am for the flight announcements, return back to the hotel and pray that the weather would clear the next day. We checked into our hotel, nothing much to do in this small place but to walk up and down the main street. It grew cold in the evening and rained a bit, which was good as this might help to clear the skies.

The next day we too picked our bags and went to the airport. Today the weather cleared off a bit and 2 flights arrived. There was a mad rush but people who had arrived to Lukla earlier were given the preference and they boarded the flights. The clouds came back and there was the announcement that no further flights will come in. We picked our bags and went back to the hotel, dejected. Some trekkers were stranded for 3 days and were really mad, frustrated, but there was nothing that could be done. I rested my legs, took some nap and walked a bit on the main street, talking to other trekkers, hoping we have better luck the next day. We had more trekkers coming in after finishing there treks and joining the queue for flights. Night time was a quite affair, no celebrations, everyone had there worry faces on.

I too had an early dinner and called my friend in Kathmandu to be on standby in case I get delayed, then would have to change my flight tickets date back to India. 

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photo by: halilee