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We got up early around 4:30am and after a quick breakfast we were on the road by 5:15am. The air was thin and the temperature was freezing outside. But luckily the weather was good, not a cloud in sight and looked like it will be nice and sunny day. We started the slow walk which was gradually climbing up. We had hardly walked for 30 min when I started getting a mild headache and breathing was becoming more difficult. We were taking frequent rest stops and drinking warm water. We had walked just over 1 hour and found that this was going to be a long and tough walk up to the pass. We had some snacks for some quick stamina and continued our climb up. The sun was out but it was still freezing cold, I was hardly able to grab my camera but was difficult to click pictures.

After some 2 hours of walking I got the final bout of AMS, head was spinning and it was getting difficult for me to focus again. My guide looked at me and pointed that my nose bleed has started again. We were staring at the huge climb ahead of us which led to the pass, and here my condition was getting bad. I desperately wanted to continue but my guide mentioned that the risk was huge as we had close to 6 hours climb to reach the pass walking slowly. He helped to think straight and mentioned that we will try to go slowly and if it gets worse we could walk back down to Lungden and rest for a day to acclimatize. Based on my previous experience after Dole I decided not to take further chances and told him to turn back from here, rest in Lungden and then give it another try tomorrow.
We spent almost 30min discussing on this and I could feel my energy getting drained just by sitting there. Finally we took a call and decided to walk back to Lungden.
But by this time the damage was already done and I was feeling way too drowsy, splitting headache and nose bleed. We reached Lungden and when the lodge owners saw my plight they immediately suggested that we go down to Thame. It was bright during the day and we could see that this place is completely isolated.

I tried to eat something for lunch but it was getting extremely difficult to swallow. Except liquids I was not able to push anything down my throat. We took the advice of the lodge owners, and decided to continue walking back towards Thame. My guide took hold of my bag as well and we were in the same condition as walking down from Dole. Slowly and wobbly we reached the army check post just before Thame. The guys there saw my plight and offered one of there horses to carry me over the small hill to cross to reach Thame. We rested there for some more time and I thanked the check post guys, but continued walking on foot slowly. By the time we reached Thame it was around 3pm but I was completely drained of all my energy, the lack of oxygen at high altitude had all my system turned topsy-turvy. We did not see any one else going up that way, or coming down from the pass, even though the weather was quite good the past few days.
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photo by: aquaholicme2