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I was really feeling very bad at my second failed attempt of crossing the pass, so after some quick refreshing tea, my guide Monik forced me to go for a small walk in Thame. This was also to ensure that my body gets enough oxygen circulated in the blood, rather than sitting inside my room. We went to the small pool which had the water flowing into it from the river stream. We started taking a few funny pictures and Monik trying to cheer me up. I had to give it to him, without him I do not think I would have been able to make it back, both times. Even after all this he was trying to keep my spirits high and ensuring that I was having a good time. I realized that not crossing the path was not the end of the trek, I could still have a good time while in Nepal, so we started talking about all the funny stuff that happened during this trek, the way I used to slip and fall while walking on ice.

Soon my mood and my health improved and we were laughing and cracking jokes. Back to the lodge and Monik played for some time with the soccer trained calf and I started enjoying looking at the beautiful sky ardoun sunset. Soon it became dark and we decided to give the Renjo La pass another try next year. So this was officially the return path of my trek, we started watching some Indian bollywood movies with the lodge owners and some monks.
I found that this day the lodge owners were doing some prayers, Tibetan style, for good luck and driving all the bad sprits away from there place. It was a long prayer and by the time it ended it was pitch dark outside, that’s when they carried some offerings and ran out screaming and playing drums loudly.
I did not get much detail on the ceremony but it seems they were driving out all the bad spirits via this procession and believed that the bad sprits followed the offerings and sound of the drums and screaming, outside the house and village. They took the offering out of the village boundary, beyond the stream and placed it below some tree. The bad spirits are believed to take the offerings and leave the place in peace. As I said I did not get much details on this ceremony but will definitely try to find out.
This day stayed late till around 10:30pm before going to sleep.
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photo by: aquaholicme2