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The lake in Retiro Park
I don´t know if I have mentioned it, but Brian and I have been living each day according to Spain time. This means that we have been sleeping late, eating breakfast around noon, lunch around 4 or 5 and dinner around 10 pm each night. We have also been staying out late as a result, and last night after our big night of tapas and drinks, and drinks and drinks, today we slept until almost noon.

When we finally woke we saw that it is supposed to be a beautiful day, so we packed our books and had the intention of having a slow and relaxed day. But first we grabbed breakfast. Surprisingly, it is not difficult to get breakfast at 1 pm in Spain. Apparently we are not the only late starters and most restaurants serve breakfast until late. We hit the internet cafe to catch up our blogs and then we were ready to roll.

The main plan for the day was to visit Retiro Park, which is the huge, central park in Madrid. On a day when temps are hitting almost 90 degrees the park was full of folks sunbathing, playing soccer and just enjoying the great weather. Retiro Park has a large lake in the middle and you can rent a row boat for an hour for $5 euros. We rented our rowboat and Brian rowed us out to the middle of the lake where we laid back with our books and spent a wonderful hour lounging and soaking up the sun. The lake has lots of fish in it and the fish were jumping all over the place, it was hilarious to sit there and watch the reaction of the young kids to the jumping fish.

We grabbed some lunch in the park, since it was after 4 pm, and spent another hour sitting and reading under the umbrella.
While we were in the park there were several large groups of soccer fans singing and celebrating. We will need to find out what is going on.

After the park we headed over to visit the Temple de Dobad, which is an actual Egyptian temple located in Madrid. The temple was a gift to the people of Madrid after they assisted the Egyptians after a dam in Egypt broke and threatened the lives of tons of people. The temple is free to visit and is a great way to experience some Egyptian history and culture.

After wandering through the temple we headed back to the hotel to rest up a bit before dinner. Tonight we headed back to Cava Baja street for some tapas. My energy was much, much lower than last night, but we still managed to try out a few places and found a great tapas bar that was completely decorated in painted tiles depicting several stories from Greek mythology.
Temple de Delbod
We enjoyed some Empanadas and some terrific tostas and a few beers before heading back to the hotel for the night. For once we were back at the hotel before 1 am!

By the way we found out what is going on with the soccer fans, Madrid is hosting the European football championship game tomorrow night between the Italian team from Milan and the Munich Germany team. The fans have already poured into the city and are found in large groups singing and chanting and drinking. We plan to find a great place to catch the game tomorrow night and enjoy the fun!
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The lake in Retiro Park
The lake in Retiro Park
Temple de Delbod
Temple de Delbod
Brian in our favorite tapas bar of…
Brian in our favorite tapas bar o…
photo by: vulindlela