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A view of the beach in Lanzarote
We decided that Lanzarote was the place to go scuba diving this trip. After some travbuddy research we discovered the Bahianus Diving Club in Lanzarote and contacted them via email from the ship to make arrangements to go scuba diving. This cruise did not offer any diving excursions and it is always a bit risky to do something so time consuming outside of the ship because you don´t want to miss the boat and get left behind. After exchanging a few emails with Bahianus we felt confident that we could fit in a diving excursion and make it back to the ship on time.

The folks at Bahianus were EXCELLENT!!!!

I am still a very novice scuba diver and I was anxious and excited about diving in Lanzarote.
Outside the Hotel la Geria where Bahianus Dive Club is located
They took us for a shore dive in Playa del Carmen, the main city on Lanzarote and only about a 15 minute drive from Arrecife where the ship docked. A shore dive is really great because you literally get in from the beach and follow the slope of the sand deeper and deeper into the ocean. A shore dive is a ton of work too because you have to put on all of your gear and walk down to the beach and start diving in the waves and/or shore current. I did just fine getting into the water this time, at the Great Barrier Reef I struggled going under. Stefan, our dive guide, wanted to do a quick skills test to see how experienced we were and my anxiety spiked at this point and I almost stopped the dive. Stefan was extremely patient and just sat and breathed with me as I tried to get through the mask skills.
Playa del Carme where we dove
He allowed me to skip the regulator skills and opted to start the dive and give me a chance to settle down a bit.

The water was a bit cold so we had the thick suits on, but it was clear and beautiful. Lanzarote is the Island of 1000 volcanoes and the shore is made up of volcanic rocks and reefs. We followed the rocks-reef into the ocean and we were able to see tons of tropical fish, snakes and beautiful corals. We were in a slight current and since I am so inexperienced I have trouble controlling my movements under water. Stefan literally guided me by the hand and swam with me for much of the first dive and as a result he was able to point out several beautiful things including a cuttlefish, a yellow coral snake that was about 5 inches long and sucked onto the reef, and a sole which is a flat fish that lays right against the sand and blends right in, when it sees you coming it darts along swimming sideways and all you can see is the movement and the one big eye looking at you. It was awesome!

I was exhausted after the first dive and wanted to skip the second, but Stefan offered to let Brian go with the other group and to work with me individually so I could continue learning to dive. I agreed and we spent another 45 minutes diving around the reefs and saw so many beautiful fish. In Australia we saw lots of individual fish, but in Lanzarote we saw schools upon schools of fish swimming around. I would be looking to the right at the reef and when I turned my head to the left I would be surrounded by a school of fish who were all checking me out. It was fantastic! We saw a baracuda that was about 20 inches long, bright silver, and just hanging around watching us.

I´m so glad we were able to arrange the dive and that I kept with it and took the opportunity to dive with my own instructor. I have much more to learn about diving, but I love seeing the ocean so much that I want to keep at it.

When we returned to the ship I received a phone call from the spa letting me know that I won a massage, what perfect timing after exhausting myself and my muscles carrying 100 pounds of scuba equipment up and down the beach all day!
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A view of the beach in Lanzarote
A view of the beach in Lanzarote
Outside the Hotel la Geria where B…
Outside the Hotel la Geria where …
Playa del Carme where we dove
Playa del Carme where we dove
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