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Sunset view as we head to the top
After leaving Cadiz our ship headed south and through the strait of Gibraltar on its way to Barcelona. The captain told us we would pass the strait about 9:30 p.m. and with sunset at 9:20 we hoped to be able to see the strait and the rock of Gibraltar.

At 9, Brian and I grabbed a bottle of wine and headed up to the top of the ship to get a good viewing spot. We were still several miles out from the strait, but even at that time we could see the land of Africa and Europe in the fading daylight. We drank our wine and waited as we sailed closer and closer, but after an hour we realized that we were still miles away and for some reason the ship had slowed down. Our bottle of wine was gone, so we headed down to the Duck and Dog to get some beers and wait a bit before returning up top.
The land in the distance is Spain

When we returned up top we were still not through the strait, but we were a bit closer and the lights of the cities were very visible. We were able to see Tangier Morocco and Ceuta Spain which is actually on the African side of the strait, as well as Tarifa and Gibraltar Spain....AT THE SAME TIME.  It may sound silly, but it was actually very awesome to see two continents at the same time, and it was awesome to be that close to Morocco. It is the closest I have ever been to Africa, though I hope to remedy that next year.

We took some photos and videos of the city lights and headed back down to the bar for another drink and to wait to get a bit closer to the actual strait so we could try to see the rock of Gibraltar.

Needless to say, after two bottles of wine and several beers....we lost track of time. I know, shocking! By the time we went back up top it was nearly one and we were through the strait. We don´t know if the rock was visible or not, everyone else was already in bed, probably including the captain!

We made another video, which Brian is posting, please disregard the slurred talking, we were on vacation after all!
jart2b says:
I love that you went for beers while waiting to drink your wine!!! so funny.. LOL........
Posted on: May 19, 2010
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Sunset view as we head to the top
Sunset view as we head to the top
The land in the distance is Spain
The land in the distance is Spain
The land in the distance is Morocc…
The land in the distance is Moroc…
The lights of Spain, the blackness…
The lights of Spain, the blacknes…
The lights of Tangier, Morocco, th…
The lights of Tangier, Morocco, t…
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