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A view of Sacromonte at twilight

After our big day at Alhambra we decided to try to see a Flamenco show. The neighborhood of Sacromonte is the home of the Roma people and some of the best flamenco music and dancing in Andalusia. Sacromonte was originally carved right out of the side of the mountain, so the restaurants and many of the homes are literally large caves or cuevas. Historically, flamenco was performed in the cuevas, with lots of locals sitting around and joining in the clapping and enjoying the spirit of the performance. I really wanted this experience and even though Sacromonte is now much more touristy, I wanted to try it out and see if I could capture some of the original flavor.

We took the mini-bus up to the top of the hill and went to Museo Zambra de Maria La Granada, one of the most well-established, long-running flamenco cuevas in the area.

Inside the cueva where we had dinner
The cost was $16 Euro and included a glass of sangria. The performers seemed to be several members of a family, with the exception of the guitarrista. There was a cantadora, a cantador, the guitarrista and two other young women and one young man who danced. The two women also played the castanets. Inside the cueva, the walls were covered with decorations, brass pans, photos, flowers, all sorts of stuff. The walls of the cueva were painted white so it was pretty bright in there.  The entire cueva was only about 12 feet wide and 12 feet high so it is a very intimate setting. We all sat in chairs that lined the open floor where the dancers performed.

Flamenco is very passionate and emotional. The music lyrics tell the stories of heartbreak and war and loss and are sung with total abandon while the dancers seem to summon up their own emotions and then begin tapping out rhythms with intricate footwork while slowly moving hips and arms and hands around.

It definitely tells a story and pulls you in. When a dancer has the right passion for the dance it is called duende and results in the audience shouting out ole.

Our performance lasted about an hour and we got to see several different dance styles with the different dancers, while enjoying the singing and guitar playing which were excellent. I really enjoyed the performance and the entire experience of the cuevas!

We headed back to the hotel as we were exhausted after a long day!

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A view of Sacromonte at twilight
A view of Sacromonte at twilight
Inside the cueva where we had dinn…
Inside the cueva where we had din…
Museo Zambra, the flamenco perform…
Museo Zambra, the flamenco perfor…
Inside the cueva before the perfor…
Inside the cueva before the perfo…
photo by: Chokk