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NAIA T3 or Terminal 3, where Cebu Pacific Airlines transferred to last 2008. 2 thumbs up for the pinoys! This one's CLEAN, shiny, and biiig! ;)!



A tradition I started in 2005: spending birthdays in Boracay...  My first priority is to book flights waaay ahead of time, almost always during an airline promotion to get cheaper rates and sometimes lucky enough to get super-duper cheap rates! :) 

In 2006 I ended up doing my trip to Boracay alone, as my 2 friends suddenly had things they had to take care of at work.  They ended up cancelling their tickets and I, on the other hand, decided to continue on with my journey.  That was my very first trip alone, with no plans of meeting anyone in the island at all.  Thinking back, I can't believe I was actually worried at that time about how I'd be spending my days, if I'd get stuck in the room or something, too ashamed to come out, haha!  Proved myself wrong and spent almost the whole time outside, taking in the view and chatting with the locals and tourists (solo traveling must be in my blood!).

Now it's much nicer and comfortable to come early for the flight because of T3! ;) Hungry? Snack bars and restaurants are available at the Transit Hall and Departure Hall areas. Prices seem to be okay for the food quality.

After that experience, I had no more worries of whether I would end up with friends or if it would be just me again whenever I book the flights. And besides, I've always felt like Boracay is my hometown, as I've been going there since...forever...since the time of the "pre-concrete-resorts" phase (as I call it). =p


Boracay 2008

Everything seemed to be extra beautiful in Boracay that 2008.  God must've wanted my trip to be extra special that year, as the sky was just magnificent, the sand seemed brighter than usual, the turquoise water beckoning,  and  everything else seemed picture perfect the minute I arrived!  As proof, I have included my 2 most favorite shots of Boracay (so far)...

... enjoy! :)


A sample of my typical itinerary:

0530H   Get ready; Pace around the room, can't wait to go out (still dark outside)! 

0630H   Morning walk along the seashore of Station 1 & take pictures

0800H   Coffee or mocha shake at Jonah's Fruit Shakes

1000H   Brunch at the resort of my choice for the day ~ depends on my mood or food craving.

My most favorite picture perfect Boracay shot! :D I thank God for that beautiful day :) ...

             Then swimming/sunbathing at the resort of the day

1330H   Proceed to Two Seasons for their Happy Hour promo ~ hang out there until 5pm:

             swimming/sunbathing/eating/drinking/relaxing/conversing with locals & tourists

1700H   Go back to Royal Park to shower and freshen up

1830H   Choose a place where to have dinner, stroll along Station 2

2000H   Hang out & drinks at Hey Jude's bar

....Would you really call that lazy? ;)


 A WORD OF WARNING:  Since this was a solo trip, it's all going to be all about me.

One of my favorite photos~ I shot this while sunbathing in Sea Wind Resort, Station 1... told you so, picture perfect!
..and the beautiful beach, of course! ;)


Featured Resorts:

Waling-Waling's Cabanas

Sea Wind Resort

Two Seasons Boracay


Daive's Recommendations:

Waling-Waling's Gambas al Ajillo

Waling-Waling's Beef Salpicao

Oysters Boursin of Gulliy's Island

Two Seasons' Pizza Margherita

Two Seasons' Frozen Mango Margarita Cocktail


hacicgn says:
I really got inspired from your Boracay pictures. A friend of mine was there 2 month ago. He said that I really need to go there. Looks like a great place. Thank you for your pictures.
Posted on: Apr 06, 2012
Daive says:
Wow, I had no idea! Hihi! Thanks, much appreciated! :)) Cheers & happy travels!
Posted on: Apr 04, 2012
crazychictraveller says:
congrats on your blog!
Posted on: Apr 01, 2012
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NAIA T3 or Terminal 3, where Cebu …
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