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Diving to Bauxite's Land, The place of Gurindam 12 was born
... Debris, rubble of the kingdom is still there ...

Riau Islands, with the provincial capital of Tanjung Pinang in Bintan Island is located, has a good variety of potential industrial factory (Batam Island) to the tourism industry is an area that has a diversity of customs and culture. In the province is strategically located in between 3 countries (Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam), there are a variety of sites is the triumph of the heritage of the Malay kingdom of the past is known to all corners of the archipelago (Penyengat Island). Former ex-relicts still adheres closely in the earth known as bauxite's land.

A long journey and tiring enough already due to the nature of the situation presented this islands province.
and make us to be understood
Diving on the Rinti island, one of the islands in the Riau Islands Province is a significant thing. In addition to the presence of marine biota, the diversity of life community, it is quite unique. Tribe Malay, Bataknese, Javanese, Sundanese, and Chinese has provided a unique nuance in the bauxite's land. Although the different tribes and customs, they can live side by side with one another, both in terms of the work done or in the activities of day-to-day activities of all is an effort to promote the place they are now.

Diversity of coral, plus the relatively variety of fish species abundant that although less than enough to represent a diversity of marine biota of the province that is viable to build. The type of coral that can be found, such as Acropora divaricata, A. formosa, A. donei, and other types of Acropora represent the diversity of species of coral growth with the type of fork (Branching), in addition to the reef are also solid (massive) such as the type of Favia sp, Goniastrea sp, Porites sp, Favites sp, and other types of massive coral consecutive create the scenery below the water overflowing conditions.
about the old story...
In the rift between the life of the coral-slit type of the above, can also be found species of coral types such as the sub-massive coral like Pocillopora verrucosa, Turbinaria sp, and other relatives. They grow between types of coral mushrooms (MUSHROOM) of Fungia sp and Herpolitha sp who have long arms (tentakel) to catch food. And not less unique, coral leaves (foliose) species Echinopora sp, Montipora capricornis, and other types of foliose make life more meaningful. These types of coral in the top of the more meaningful with the finding of such types of fish and other marine biota. Fish that can be found, such as Parrot fish, damselfis, angelfish, and marine biota such as Diadema sp (sea urchin), Echinometra bella (sea Lily), and various types of sponge and sea fans.
and give more appreciations of the ancient...

Is Penyengat Island, known for the history of the island in the western city of Tanjung Pinang (Bintan Island). On the island, which has a broad 240 ha of this is the place where the history of the Malay popular with its great in the past to be ended. Diving history, if not mentioned that, because the surrounding waters have drowned this is the unit of several Artificial Reef around 2006 by local regional governments. Artificial reef which aims to rehabilitate the existence of coral reefs appeared to have this dual role.

Besides as a place for accretions of seed coral, artificial Reef is the home to diverse species of fish and other marine biota, such as animal shells (molusks), Sea Lily, and various Hydroids. Massive coral reef is a type viscous and can be found on the artificial Reef closely with the soft coral (soft coral) species Dendronephtya sp that must compete with the type of hydroid as Gymnangium gracilicaule and Sea Lily, Cenometra bella. Although only about 3 units, artificial Reef has been found identity as a place of life under the sea that naive.

Gurindam 12, works great from a Malay's Ancient Artist, Raja Ali Haji is a reflection on the ways of life for dedicating of God, socializes, and the state for the population. This works great side by side with his other great works such as al-Nafis Tuhfat (Hadiah yang Berharga) is a masterpiece figure of Raja Ali Haji. Although Raja Ali Haji has disappeared of the earth where he Malay minds, but the enthusiasm remains alive in his works to disclose the implied meaning that the debris-Malay kingdom ruins are still living in this archipelago.
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lets shoot our star
let's shoot our star
and make us to be understood
and make us to be understood
about the old story...
about the old story...
and give more appreciations of the…
and give more appreciations of th…
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