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look at its spirit!!!
At the end for many times after 1883 disappeared.…

For a long time, at least 416 AD (like "The Book of Javanese Kings" by Ranggawarsita), The Ancient Krakatau exploded and made a great disaster over the Earth. Sunda Land had been broken and created two new islands, there were Java Island and Andalas Island (Sumatera Island). For the next moment, the explosion of Ancient Krakatau had been left a new creature and the human call it as The Old Krakatau what had the three active craters, Rakata �" Danan �" Perbuatan. "The three musketeer" made a unity as Rakata Volcano.

At mid 1680, the Old Krakatau started to be an active but it was not big explosion like 416 AD. It could be just "a smiling" and said "I don’t sleep again, because I was an adult now!!!And I want to finish my duty, immediately.
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So, please don’t blame me…!!". It said so colorful word for the human all the world.

On August 26th 1883, the Old Krakatau started to begin and said loudly till August 27th for the end. The disaster came again after 1400 years and destroyed for 36.000 peoples. It activities disappeared suddenly and became a cruel silence. So the Krakatau had fallen a nice sleep again.

At beginning 1927, it move up and wake up from the deep blue sea (300 meters), the child of Krakatau (Anak Krakatau Island) had been excised again. The next time after some explosions and earthquakes, Anak Krakatau would be obey that had been accepted in it heart. Now, in square 13.735,10 Ha, The Anak Krakatau was ready to order it job, make a world be a colorful moment.
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look at its spirit!!!
look at its spirit!!!
share each others
share each others
and The Gorgonians soul be laughin…
and The Gorgonians soul be laughi…
photo by: Dessy81