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For many times just said "hello" to my ruins of The Old Caldera


The Great of Krakatoa, which was  an islands area and comprised of the Rakata Besar Island, Sertung (Verlaten) Is., Long (Lang) Is., and Volcano Island (Anak Krakatoa) is a marine nature reserve.  In addition, the family of Krakatoa be one of the world heritage sites that still showed a volcanic activity (volcanic ash releasing). Nevertheless, Krakatoa was a nice place to share with some colleagues in underwater exploration activities.

Bootmans Rooth is one of them. This place was an old stone relics of the composition of the Anak Krakatau's Mom (The Old Krakatoa). Therefore, this area where had 5 m2 (at sea level) only is a witness of the great explosion's history in August 1883.

Beside that, it's also a witness and be "a baby sitter" of the Anak Krakatau that was born in "the Sunda Strait's uterus"  that be a fracture region area in West Indonesia.

Once again, it been so nice to share with colleagues when diving together to get a little  illustration of the Bootmans Rooth conditions. Various types of sea fans (Gorgonia sp or Acabaria  sp), what played ''hide and seek'' with a variety of it residents such as Banner Fishes, Surgeon Fishes, Jack Fishes, Damselfishes, Parrot Fishes, Fussilers, Fog fishes, Groupers, and also some nudibranches (Phyllidia sp and Chromodoris sp) and be shyly when we greet them. Another, the main occupant, such as various types of hard corals such as the Alabaster Corals's family  (Pocillopora verrucosa, P. eydouxi, P. meandriana, P. damicornis) shared ''the shelter'' with another family of staghorn corals (Acropora robusta, A. donei, A. digitata, and others). Closed associates nation of hard corals too, the soft corals's family which had helped to enliven the atmosphere such as the leather corals of Sinularia flexibilis or Sarcophyton sp  to the divaricate tree corals's family (Dendronephtya sp) that had a cheery colors like a bright weather for today.

Unfortunately, only about 70 minutes we can greet their presence that gived a vibrant and cheerful shades in this Bootmans Rooth. But we are sure, tomorrow we can meet them again....cerio my friend...

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photo by: Dessy81