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For one of our purposes to Kiluan Bay was getting underwater scenery.  At least 3 days for preparations, we started to go to 84 km from Bandar Lampung's southwest.  2 hours by rent car, we got this place (much time for me, and a first for my 3 buddies).  There was 2 purposes for us to explore of Kiluan under water.  They were coral communities and under water caving.

We got surprising when we stayed at Kiluan Island, because our prediction of weather went amiss.  Cummulus nimbus and cummulus clouds always covered on this territory eventhough all of our trips surrounding Kiluan areas.  Yeah, we got a cloudy and rainy day in dry season of my country.  But, we had to real our purposes. 

we sheltered at Kiluan Island and tried to get some figures of under water surrounding this island.  We found some bad conditions of coral reef in 9 m - more and a good condition in less than 8 m.  We can estimate for coral reef conditions.  We said in bad condition if the per cent of coral covering less than 50 % and more than 50 % in good condition. 

More than 2 days, we collected some under water scenery.  We felt great enough. 
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photo by: iramalama