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The journey to Singapore from Malacca took just about 4 hours by bus. After checking in to the hostel, we head straight up to explore the city. Thanks to the helpful hostel staff, we were given a free map and tips on some of the places to visit. Without hesitating, i left the map in Gavin's hands. Knowing that the map will be much much safer with him than with me. lol

Lesson No 1: You've got to know how to read a map to travel. That's one thing i'm bad at, like mega bad.. He who travelled with me, knows.. :P Anyway, i'm gonna share what went through my head as i looked on the map. It's patches of colours, lines, dots, names or places, and a little box at the  bottom left showing a legend. I cant process anything beyond that, like where we are on the map, how can you tell if u are facing south, north, east or west? We're on this road? We're supposed to walk straight or turn the other way? How did he know that?? Wow.

. he made it so easy that i was amazed. Silently, i thank god i didnt do this alone. If i were to keep to my first plan that is to go straight to Thailand, backpacking alone. I'd probably be crying my lungs out in some police station. LOST! lol

With a professional map reader, we found all the places that we wanted to go to easily. It's just like driving with a navigation system. Although even with that, it's pretty confusing at times. We went to Little India, Arab Street, Bugis Street, Sultan Mosque and Kampung Glam by foot. It is quite interesting how the community changes from Little India to Kampung Glam. At one point you're surrounded with Indian people then the next point, it's all Malay.

This is what i love most about Asia, you see varieties of communities living harmoniously in one place. Like a mix palate. Never boring.

It was a tiring day for me, as i am not used to that much walking. So, the little bunk bed in the hostel appeared to my eyes like a heavenly matress. I just want to lay on it and get lost in slumberland. lol. Yeah, all this before i even get a shower. I think i took a good 15 mins nap. Excuse given was, long queue for the bathroom. He he.. I didnt even look at the bathroom. Lazy lazy me. I thought i saw that guy sleeping on the top bunk rubbing his nose.. (hmm.. smelly?) For a girl, to be smelly is embarrassing. I guess when u are travelling, all that dont matter. Plus, we're going out again later, and i'll probably smell the same right after, i'll shower before i sleep.

After forcing myself up from sleep, we headed out for dinner at a Malay street shop. We had Chicken Murtabak which tasted superb. It's Roti Prata with chicken and cheeze fillings, flavoured with delicious curry. It was so good and so cheap.. The price for the two of us is just 10 Singapore Dollars. Next time i'm there, i'll write the address down and share it here. After that, we took a walk along Clarke Quay and Boat Quay area. Night life is starting up. Lot's of people going to clubs and strolling along by the beautiful river. We took some time and sat by the river. It was so peaceful and so beautiful. Just sitting there, not thinking about anything. Just taking in the view.. I felt relaxed. The night view at Boat Quay & Clarke Quay was breathtaking. I dont know how to describe it but i could sit there and just see the river and the lights and the people walking forever. I didnt want to leave. Lol

SHOWER was dreadful.. But, that guy on the top bunk was looking at me weird.. so, i better get some of that smell off me. :D After that, SLEEP zzz... Tomorrow - Meet-up Day!! Yay..

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