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Just a portion of my (Wrong wrong shoes.. lesson learnt the hard way :P)

The story continues.. How was my first TB Meet-up, u asked? Well, after reading my previous entry, you might expect me to spread on more butter and gag on the whole TB-IS-THE-NO1-MOST AWESOME-SITE-IN-THE-WORLD. Well, lesson of the day.. nothing is perfect. So, I had this sky high expectation on my first ever TB Meet-up, having read about the super hyped TB Meet-ups from almost everyone's blog. I was so EXCITED. We were gonna meet-up in Georgrapher, a fav tourist cafe in Jonker Walk, Malacca. Also a landmark cafe, everyone in Malacca knows where it is (dont call yourselves a Malaccan if u dont know where Georgrapher is :P).

I knew that it was not going to be a huge meet-up as only 4 of us confirmed attending. There were like 5 or so mentioning in the thread that they might turn up. Anyway, i was over excited as this was gonna be my first TB Meet-up and i cant wait to meet with people i've only talked to on the screen.

April 1st Malacca TB Meet-up - Who's the Fool? That's title for the Meet-up, obviously titled that way because of the date - pretty lame if u ask me. And just like a bad curse, someone has to be the fool. The lucky me :( .

So, this guy who I mentioned earlier.. (dont think there's a need to mention his name for gazilion times on "MY" blog - not worth it :P). He arrived in Malacca, a day before the Meet-up, did his usual touristy thingy.. I guess he got bored of the quiet and peaceful town. So, he bombarded my phone with texts messages. Like.. hey when r u coming? I'm here now. I'm doing this, i'm doing that ladeedaaa ladeediii.. first few texts.. i was feeling like a nice TB and i tried to tell him to do this and that, try to be the nice host. But after like 20 texts or so, (it really felt like 200 texts, my phone inbox were filled with his name!!!) i got a lil annoyed and playing the nice host started to be REALLY HARD.  He's starting to get on my nerves. A lot of people who read this will say that i'm a B**** and that he's a nice guy and the things i'm gonna write about him is bad. Well, say whatever you want to say, it's your mouth. I admit it, i can be a B**** a timeS ;). Dont get me wrong, he is nice. He's just badluck for me. MR. BAD BAD LUCK!!

Oh well, life is already hard as it is, the least i can do is to be a bitch about it. (Sorry mom, i know u hate this :) but what's the point of using asterisks when people can guess what u r typing anyway- she calls it rude / i call it self-expression, why try to hide your feeling and be nice to everyone even when you dont want to be nice and then keep it all inside and feel miserable about it till the day you die? Might as well, let it out and get over with it. For those who dont know me, this is me.. if i dont like it, i'll say it.. No pretenses. I hate Fake people.

Back to the story, i havent met him yet and he's already getting on my nerves. Other guys.. i'll just back off, but being a TB gives him a benefit of doubt. I went all the way back to Malacca to meet him anyway. Wasted my precious Annual Leaves (cry).

Bad omen comes with a sign. It always does.. The drive back to Malacca is jammed. Imagine the highway jammed on a normal working hours of a weekday. That never happens to KL- Malacca highway (THE SIGN). Stucked in the jam for hours. Grrr.. (not forgetting phone beeping every 5mins with texts from you know who :S and also i got to know from my brother that a big troupe of relatives are coming to stay with us for a few days. Not a good start..

By the time i reach home, i was sour.. more sour than the most sour lime juice you ever tasted. (Maybe not that sour but sour enough to prevent me having a smile on my face). As expected, my house was full of people.. Peace is faraway. When asian families meet, it's a competition of who's got the loudest voice, who can talk non-stop and who's got the highest pitching laugh of all. Maybe not ALL asian families, maybe it's just MY family. The noise was unbearable. One second of silent is like a drop of water in the desert for me. My state? Tired, sleepy, hungry, annoyed, headache - huge migraine. I'm not feeling so well, and i really really dont wanna go for the meet-up. I just want to sleep in the comfort of my bedroom zzz..

It is not so nice to bail out on people at the very last minute, i dont want to be treated that way so, i'm not treating people that way. (What  goes around, comes around :D). That and another concrete reason is that i'm going for another meet-up that he's organized in Singapore few days after (i decided to go after Aioh & JC - my fav TB lovebirds confirmed that they're attending. I loved reading their travel blogs and i really wanted to meet them in person and see for myself if Aioh & JC is really what people have written about here. How were they in real life? They were everything written about them and more.. i loved these two, they're the sweetest).

The thing is, I dont think i'll be very much invited there if i bail on him for the Malacca Meet-up. And i really want to go for the Singapore Meet-up. So, as much as i dont want to do it, i dragged my poor battered soul out to meet him. Before that i had to go to Melaka Sentral to help him buy a bus ticket to Singapore cuz he forgot to buy it earlier. I managed to get him a ticket to Singapore with the same bus as mine.

The meet-up is supposed to be at 7pm and at 6pm i'm still in my car driving back from the bus station. And i have not eaten a single thing since morning. I am feeling hungry to the max. He wanted to meet earlier for dinner. It's 6pm, and we gotta b there at 7pm. And meet earlier?? that's like now?? I havent even changed yet. And i've promised to have dinner at home with my family. So, i told him i'm having dinner at home. "U can come along if u want". So, yeah.. he tagged along with my family for dinner. We went for dinner at a "Satay Celup" restaurant. Satay Celup is a special dish in Malacca. It's something like steamboat where you dip everything in a pot of hot soup. But with Satay Celup you dip it in a spicy and thick gravy with peanuts. It's really delicious. I'm really hungry, there's already an orchestra playing in my stomach. I ate like a pig!

After dinner we rushed to Georgrapher for the meet-up. No sign of anybody. Huh?? Where's everyone? Yeah, u guessed it. Nobody turned up. Gee.. some meet-up eh? I'm TIRED and now i feel like an idiot. The only fool who turned up for the stupid meet-up. Word of advice, never never organise a meet-up in a small town like Malacca on a weekday. Jonker Street only comes to live during the weekends. We waited for awhile and decided that it was going to be just the two of us. With no idea of what to do, and feeling really bored, tired and sleepy. I wished that the night will end soon. Well, wishes dont come true.

(edited) When i wrote this, i didnt expect people to read Time to clarify. Now now.. hang on, he's not a bad bad bad guy. So, i broke two shoes cuz of the terrible walking, i lost a camera and i've got some serious blisters, so what? That's all to it. It's not entirely his fault, just my very own badluck. Thanks to him i've come to know many many wonderful people from this site and also a beautiful memory. I might visit many other places in the future, i might meet many more wonderful people but i know one thing for sure. It will never be like this one. Every journey, is special. Every single person is special. No matter how good or how bad it is, i'm glad i took the first step. No regrets!

tasha_83 says:
Where exactly that i said it was his fault again? The only thing that gets on my nerves is the texts.. which i told him to stop doing. Other part is just badluck..
Posted on: Apr 29, 2010
serene_lee says:
ahyo tasha... take things on the brighter side. its not his faulth that people dont turns up. back here in sg, it happens all the time that people dont shows up....
Posted on: Apr 29, 2010
tasha_83 says:
For the 1000th time!!! It's not his fault!!! grrr... Really.. C'mon.. it's practically wrong choice of shoes and my own carelessness.
Posted on: Apr 28, 2010
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So, sometime back in October last year i think, i came across this wonderful site. I'm not a fan of travelling, being a lazy pig and a serious case of brain malfunction when it comes to But being single really gives me a lot of extra time, so i thought i'd try going to places. Maybe it'll be fun. Once i have that set on mind, i tried calling my friends and asking them if they want to go for holidays together. Ya, ya.. i actually thought it's that simple.. but sadly none of our schedule match. What's next? I'm not backing out.. If it's gonna be alone, i'll do it alone.

Again, u can be brave about doing something but dont be an idiot about it.. Travelling alone for the first time? Me? Who got lost in a shopping mall carpark?? Yeah, i actually had to get the security to help locate my car.. So, i tried to look up on travelling on the internet and i came across this site. I didnt expect it to be much, maybe just like some friend finder site.. Friendster..Facebook.. etc. Anyway, the next thing i know, i'm signing up and setting up my account. So, that's about it i thought. Another net account which i will forget about in a few months' time. Suprisingly, just a few minutes after that.. i got emails saying that people sent me smiles and comments.. Wow! I felt like a star hehe.. That pic i uploaded couldnt be "that" good..

I was overwhelmed, people here are so friendly and i felt welcomed in an instant. It's the sense of belonging i felt on here that made me an addict. I got people smiling to me everyday, i smiled back.. they commented, i commented. It's really a happy thing to do - that smile thingy :) As i go on to learn about Travbuddy, i got to know a lot of friends and nice people. Reading about other people's travelling experiences makes me even excited about having my own adventures.. So, i decided that i'm gonna backpack in Thailand alone, have my very own adventure. Well, that was the initial plan ;P

But we can only plan.. hehe.. So, my plans changed when this guy from UK, Gavin planned some meet-ups (6 i think). Yeah, it was pretty, i read the meet-up threads and found out that one was gonna be at Malacca, my hometown. And i thought, hey.. i could join in to that.. and maybe get some travelling tips from the other TBs. Being a new person, i said hi on the thread and asked if i could join. Next thing i know.. bam! he put me as ORGANIZER??!! I was like wahhh whattt?? i dont even know.. how?? Oh well, gotta be a nice host.. So, i helped him plan the meet-up. Suggested a place to meet in Malacca. Invited some TBs in Malacca for the meet-up. Again, as i said.. we can only plan.. things wont always turn out to be what we want it to be like... (to be continued hehe)

fyong777 says:
Great pics, Tasha. Yea, we sure had a blast at Harry's that evening. Thanks again. Glad to see u managed to see some other nature sites while u were in S'pore. Take care for now.
Posted on: Apr 20, 2010
tasha_83 says:
See..SEE??? this is what i meant.. i just posted this blog like an hour ago.. and i've got 2 comments and 2 wonderful smiles already!! Thanks a lot :)
Posted on: Apr 19, 2010
traveller142009 says:
Thanks for sharing your genuine experiences with TB. You'd be amazed that you can inspire people just as they have inspired you by sharing your story.
Posted on: Apr 19, 2010
Just a portion of my …
Just a portion of my…
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