2010 04 27 - Tokyo day 5

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A randomly chosen name, or a very clever sarcastic joke? Anyway, the (almost flat) area around the Tokyo tower is called the Holland Hills
I was starting to like biking through Tokyo and actually knew my way around some parts of it quite well. But that morning I had another big amount of rain falling down on me. It didn't bother me much this time because the temperature was quite nice. I made it to the Chinese Embassy to collect my Visa in record time and without looking at any map. Now that I had my Visa it was time to start planning the final part of my trip to Hokkaido and then China. My previous plan included going through Russia, but because of Visa-problems (at least 30 days) that wasn't an option anymore. Next to the embassy was a travelagency that told me "Golden Week" was coming and that meant airplane tickets would be hard to get and more expensive.
I am still a cuber, as evidenced by my confusion that a new V6 just came out on the market in Japan
A girl called Aki that was sitting there helped me translate my wishes, but the best they could find was a 700 Euro plane. Aki didn't give up and brought me to another travelagency where they found a few cheaper flights, but still nothing for less than 500 Euro. And all these cheap flights weren't from Hokkaido, they were from an airport close to Tokyo to an airport "close" to Beijing. That meant I would have to pay more for a short flight to the neighbouring country than I had payed for my ticket from Amsterdam-Cairo-Osaka (including that great overnight hotel). I had a nice Soba-lunch with Aki and she drew me a map of non-touristic places I should visit in Tokyo. We made a plan to meet again the next evening and i went on my way to my last touristic "have-to-go".

Akihabara was I name I had remembered from when I was totally into building computers. It was a mystic market that had all the newest high-tech computerparts first and then uploaded photo's that ended up on computertech-fora (like Now I was in Tokyo and I was on my way to find this place. I knew I would have a hard time resisting to buy anything, especially while I am typing all of this on a laptop from 1997 that weighs about 4 kilo (but it is unbreakable, free, and has 2 batteries for 5 hours of typing). But Akihabara made it easy for me. There was no market, all there was were dozens and dozens of big computershops selling every type of computerhardware (and software) you can imagine. But the prices weren't special, there was nothing revolutionary new that I was interested in, and all the laptops/netbooks had keyboards that had Japanese stuff for Kanji-character-typing on them. The only thing I ended up buying there was icecream.

The good thing about Akihabara is that it has Maid-caffee's. These are the Japanese version of Hooters where girls dressed up in (mostly sexy) outfits are serving your drinks. It is quite expensive to get in and there is a 2-consumptions (also not cheap) minimum. The girls act completely hysterical all the time, making you sing songs or do a weird dance with them before they give you your drink. After 30 minutes you go crazy and want to get out, but untill then you have a great time.
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A randomly chosen name, or a very …
A randomly chosen name, or a very…
I am still a cuber, as evidenced b…
I am still a cuber, as evidenced …
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