2010 04 21 - Mount Fuji day 2

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I heard a bus passing by around 7 so I was reaffirmed in my believe that I was on the busway going up all the way to station 5. I started my second day of climbing Mount Fuji and it was sunny, the woodland was beautiful, I constantly saw wild deer, some boars and many falcons, but I could only see up and down about 100 meter through the trees.

After an hour I saw the "bus" that had passed me by in the morning. It turned out to be a truck carrying wood up and down. I was getting worried that I might not be on the busway to the 5th station. One more hour of walking and still no sign of any life and I was sure I was lost, but didn't want to walk back 4 hours to Umagaeshi. I just kept walking up and down the woodlands, pretty sure a sign to Mount Fuji would come eventually. I had plenty of water, but was running out of food. Around 6 I finally saw a sign, only it didn't read "Mount Fuji", it said "Umagaeshi". I had walked around the whole base of Mount Fuji and was pretty much back to where I had been the night before.

I wasn't enjoying the idea of starting over at Umagaeshi (and maybe getting lost again) very much and I had just walked under a big path that looked like the busway. I climbed up using hands and feet which was very tough after all that walking, no food since breakfast and carrying the 30 kg backpack, but I made it. 15 minutes later I had already seen several tourist busses coming down and I arrived at the 1st Station (called Step 1) at 1300 meter high which is 150 meter below Umagaeshi. I could refill my water but there was no food. I realised I would have to go up all the way to the 5th station or go down.

5 hours later I had made it up to the 5th station at 2300 meter where I expected to get some food and spent the night with other climbers. I was extremely disappointed when I found out that I was alone.  I setup my tent and was determined to go up and down to the summit the next morning with minimal packing.

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Mount Fuji
photo by: Lotus28