2010 04 15 - Izumo day 1

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An authorized dealer with car seles Bodywarks and Peint

It was another cold and rainy night but this time I was outside of the wind behind a baseball park. As soon as the sun came up it became very nice and warm. The sportspark was "just outside Izumo" and was called Yahamada (or something like that). After a 20 km walk through a deserted Yahamada-suburb of Izumo I still hadn't found Izumo itself, or its trainstation. A "5 km to Seihei Onsen" looked so good by then that I decided to go there. 6 km later I reached a dead end but never saw the Onsen. Fortunately I walked underneath a highway halfway so I only had to go 3 km back. The highway actually said "Izumo 2 km" but before I knew it the police had picked me up and they transported me from this "middle of nowhere highway 31" to the "directly to Tottori highway 9".

Simple, but brilliant construction
I was glad when I left stupid, hidden Izumo

It was time to go to Tottori-Sakyu. I thought it would be the city of Sakyu in the Tottori prefecture (district). But it later turned out to mean Tottori sand dunes.  I got my first lift to Yonago with a boy who only played Stepmania/DDR songs. Then after a little repositioning and visiting an outdoor life store (that means fishing in Japan). I got a lift from two woman who lived in Yonago but thought it would be fun to drive me halfway. Eventually they even brought me all the way and they were right, it was a lot of fun. We passed Mount Daisen but I resisted visiting it. I even got a childrens sketchbook that got filled with Japanese signs for every planned stop untill Tokyo. And food for breakfast and lunch.

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An authorized dealer
with car sel…
An authorized dealer with car se…
Simple, but brilliant construction
Simple, but brilliant construction
Sometimes you walk by something ex…
Sometimes you walk by something e…
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