2010 04 09 - Miyajima day 3

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Miyajima by night, while really feeling one with the island

I woke up really late, had breakfast and decided that it was time for a big change. The internet/video room with Japanese feetheater was extremely comfortable but after a few days of real travelling I had gotten back into the habit of just hanging in the hostel talking with other travellers and doing things online in Europe. Also, my money was going away quicker than I thought with all the trains, food, hostels and electronics I had bought to take with me on my travel.

That was the second moment everything changed. Permanently this time. I made a real travelling plan that would take me to Tokyo in 10 days, but would also take me around the West part of Japan. After Tokyo it would take me up North to Hokkaido. This plan included many major current cities, important historical cities and cities that were advised by other travellers. The plan was: Nagasaki, Hagi, Iwami + Izumo, Sakyu, Himeji, Kobe, Nara, Mt Fuji, Tokyo, Niko, Sendai, Hokkaido.

Unfortunately it was getting dark already and it was starting to get cold. But most of all it was really pouring with rain. The perfect excuse to NOT start with the new plan and use the videoroom and footheater again. But instead I took my flashlight, closed my coat and backpack and decided to give myself a final test. Climb up the hard Omoto path to Mount Misen, go down another hard path that I hadn't used before. And finally walk a big part around the island to camp at the Miyajima Tsutsumigaura Camp-jo.

And so I did. Going up and down the mountain was slippery, tiering and I got soaked. But it made me feel strong at the same time. I got tempted to take this victory and stay at the hostel one more night, but I kept walking untill I reached the (entirely deserted) camping site and put up my tent in the rain. All my wet things were stored in the tent and I actually slept well in there. I knew how absurd my actions were, but it felt great to be on Miyajima, after all that bad weather and exhaustion. I was sleeping on the most beautiful place I had seen and I felt fantastic.

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Miyajima by night, while really fe…
Miyajima by night, while really f…
photo by: liekevo