2010 04 05 - Osaka day 6

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I stayed in Hiro's Guest house where 70% of all visitors were Korean. I only saw the sign outside of the door the next day when it was light

It was really time to discover the rest of Japan. Osaka and Kyoto had been visited enough and the next day I would meet Sachi in Hiroshima. Now I had plenty of time to get there so I caught up a little bit with sleep and then left late in the morning. The blisters still hurt, I spent the last money I had left from my first money withdrawal on food and went to the trainstation to find out how to get to Hiroshima and withdraw some new money. And that is when everything went wrong.

After walking across several trainstations, many shops with ATM's and all the banks I could find, none would except my card. I was afraid I would have to go back to the airport but that would be impossible by train so I might really miss my easy travelling to Hiroshima and would waste a lot of money. Fortunately I met Satoshi Kagimoto on the street and he helped me with just 200 Yen (1.60 Euro). That was enough to get a ticket to a big trainticket where every machine gladly spewed out Yens after reading my Visa-Card. Lesson learned: Always keep some pocket money and expect international cards to only work in big international places.

Several trains later I arrived in Hiroshima, got into the K-Hostel and found out that Kagimoto had found my hostel and knew everyone there. I guess Hiro's Guest House really was mostly meant for Korean people. I started sleeping at 5 and woke up at 6 to meet Sachi

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I stayed in Hiros Guest house whe…
I stayed in Hiro's Guest house wh…
photo by: yasuyo