2010 03 31 - Kyoto day 2

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The Utano Youth Hostel in Kyoto. Luxurious and beautiful, but also expensive and boring. The perfect place to finally get all my paperwork done
I woke up with a very bad feeling. After the competition I hadn't really started travelling yet and I still had a backpack filled with 15 cm of Dutch paperwork to go through. I decided to switch of the FaceBook chat, only check email once a day and basically had to disconnect from Europe. Fortunately it was cold and wet outside so the decision to go through all paperwork was rather easy. But before I did that, I had to arrange for a new hostel which I found in "Kyoto's cheapest Inn - Guest House". I figured I would use the luxurious Utano hostel for the day to get the paperwork done and would then took the bus to the other hostel. After doing all the paperwork and fixing some final problems at work I was finally really ready for my adventures.

The Kyoto's cheapest Inn which was indeed the opposite from the Utano, BUT it was also exactly what I needed. Real, unshaven backpackers, no waterpressure to speak of, no Japanese bath, tenniscourt or fancy dinner. What it did have was a nice worldmap and a Belgian guy who had been hanging out in Asia for 2.5 years already. He hadn't been to many different places because he was always out of money and had to work, but he did have lots of usable tips. We sat together for most of the night and made a whole new travelroute for me

(north-east) China,
North Korea (?),
South Korea,
(east) China,
(north) Indonesia,
New Guinea,
Papua New Guinea,
(east) Australia,
New Zealand,
Fiji islands and others (?),
(south, west) Australia,
(south) Indonesia,
(east) India,
Sri Lanka,
Pakistan (?),
Bhutan (?),
(central) China,
Mongolia ................

Look it up on a map. It makes much more sense than my previous plan! I just have to fit the Asian Open in there somehow. And on the last dots after Mongolia I am already requested to go to Germany and England first to say hi to everyone again. I guess there will be "Welcome back AvG" tournaments :)
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The Utano Youth Hostel in Kyoto. L…
The Utano Youth Hostel in Kyoto. …
photo by: ys484