2010 03 29 - Osaka day 4

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Only 1 of 3 isles with fresh fish
After sitting in the kitchen, drinking (free) Japanese tea and chatting with everyone it was time to get some breakfast. The hostel didn't provide any, so I decided to find a nice supermarket. What a shock it was. Everything seemed expensive, especially the things I like most (apples, nuts, juice). There was an enormous amount of fish and it all looked like it was as fresh as could be. But fish and rice for breakfast? I don't think so! Yet there was no normal bread to be found anywhere. The best I could find was cereals and grains for about 3 euro's for a small box and some apples for 1 euro a piece.

I wandered around for a while, but didn't find anything interesting to see or to do. And my mind wasn't really in travelmode yet, otherwise I would have gone online, asked someone, or just find a tourist information place to find good places to visit. Instead I wrote the exam that my students back in Holland would be taking in 2 days and then got rid of all the superfluous software on my ancient (1997) but good (unbreakable, 2 longlasting batteries) laptop and installed some lightweight programs to make it usable (For the techies: Pentium 233, 168 MB, 9 GB HD with XP SP3, Office 2007, Chrome + Flash Player, VLC Player, Foxit Reader, 7-Zip and Total Commander)

After a short powernap I took another Japanese hot bath, but the effect was every opposite to what I expected. It woke me up entirely and want to have dinner right away. Because all I had were cereals and Japanese tea, those were gone quite soon making me even more awake. End result: Another night I spent chatting with Europe and only an hour or so of sleep because I had made plans to join Ayano to Kyoto the next morning
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Only 1 of 3 isles with fresh fish
Only 1 of 3 isles with fresh fish
photo by: yasuyo