2010 03 24 - From Holland to Egypt

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The last day in Holland for a long time was a crazy one. I didn't really sleep because I still needed to pack up everything from the house, including the things to put in my backpack. It took untill 5 in the morning to get it done and that only worked because I choose to make 4 piles: "Throw away, keep for later, take with me, give to others". And I couldn't have finished it without the help of my Belgian friend.

At 6:15 the alarm rang, but we were already awake. A quick shower, last look at the house, shoving everything in the travel bags and a run to the trainstation was perfectly timed to get the train just before 7 leaving us only seconds to say goodbye and then change my focus onto the first part of today: My final lessons for my programming class.

From 9 to 1 I pumped all the information about Object Oriented Programming into my students head and prepared them for the exam they would have in 1 week as well as I could. Realising that I probably won't see them again was strange, but I have gotten quite familiar with that "goodbye" feeling.

After that my parents picked me up and drove me to the airport. We could only spent about an hour together and after going through the ToDo/Done list and shooting some "goodbye at the airport" material with the Norwegian filmcrew we got to say goodbye for real at the check-in and special baggage counters where I turned out to be the last one to show up for my flight. I swear I was perfectly on time though and easily made the flight.

The flight was only 440 Euro, but it would take me 2 days to get to Osaka Japan. Today would only be a few hours to Cairo where I would have a 22 hour layover. I was expecting to catch some sleep but I was to exited. No movies meant cubing, and cubing meant I caught the interest of the South African Korfbal Young Talents Team. I explained some techniques and several of them could solve a 2x2x2 after that, although very slowly. Before I knew it we landed in Egypt where it was 8 at night.

Now came the moment I had feared. I was dead tired, but wanted to see some of Cairo which meant getting a visa for 1 day. And I needed to find a place to stay for the night. Strangely enough I found an information desk where they simply told me that because of my long layover I had been assigned a room at the airport hotel, including transportation. No visa required, just a bit of paperwork. 2 hours later my form was finally approved and I was transported with several others to the Fairmont hotel where diner was waiting for us. I got into a talk with Emmanuel from Nigeria and we discussed superficial things like the hotel and the weather before we had an extremely intimate discussion about life, love, religion, marriage, children, forgiveness, acceptance and freedom. Not exactly what I had expected but very memorable.

Than I finally went to my room, threw my backpack in a corner and closed my eyes
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