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Still off on Spring Recess, I was able to go with Dad again, this time to Grantsburg (in deep Southern Illinois) to pick up a Big A fertilizer spreader.  I've done this a number of times, so this really wasn't out of the ordinary.  We left Salem mid-morning, getting to Todd's farm just at noon.  We had no trouble loading and chaining down, and since Dad was free this afternoon as well (as was I), he decided to take it on up to Montrose (in Central IL).  Normally, he splits up the trip, Salem being just about the halfway point between the two destinations.  (Usually, these jobs are fillers, and aren't vital to get done immediately, getting worked in between pressing jobs).  But, still being slow season, we went ahead and made the full roundtrip.

Somehow, on the way, I got so incredibly sleepy that I just had to rest my eyes.

my balancing act of eating salad in the truck
  Now, I am not a nap taker, but there is just something about the rumble of the engine and the cadence of the road that is a lullaby to me.  Plus, I was starving, so I was trying to keep my mind off that.  We finally stopped in Farina to grab a lunch on the go at Subway.  It's convenient, right on the Interstate, and has plenty of truck parking space.  In and out, Dad got a sandwich and I got a salad, proving once again that I can do a balancing act and eat the salad in the truck. (It's not like I was driving afterall...)

Being cloudy and dreary all day, it finally decided to rain as we were nearing Montrose.  We were to unload at a dairy farm, and when we arrived, I jumped out and got to work, taking off flags and chains; I know what to do.

  I've done this practically all my life.  But it still catches people off guard -- including the farmers shooting the bull in barn while it rained.  We managed to get it all unloaded in a matter of about fifteen minutes, despite the rain that was now beginning to pour.  Roundtrip back to Salem, and we called it a day (after tying down a load of steel for tomorrow.  And, I don't think I'm going to get to go, darn it.)

When we began this morning, I thought my trip would just be the southern portion, so it turned out to be a longer day than I expected.  Not that I'm complaining.  I love every minute that I get to spend with my dad in the truck.

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my balancing act of eating salad i…
my balancing act of eating salad …