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So whilst waiting for June to arrive, I have lots of other things to get done in the weeks to come. At the moment, I'm at my dad's place in a small town up north where I'll be for 7 weeks. Why you might wonder? I'm going to do my work experience at a museum up here which is a part of the museology programme. It starts tomorrow and I have to admit I am nervous as hell! I'm not sure what they're expecting off me but I'm still sure it'll be a lot of fun. I'm not sure what I'm more nervous about. Meeting the people who work at the museum, or the work itself. Oh well, I'm sure that once I'm there tomorrow it's gonna be just fine.

It was my birthday on Thursday and I can't believe I'm 21 years old already. I had such an amazing birthday and on Friday I went out to eat with a group of my closest friends and after the dinner we went to watch the premier of Kick-Ass which was an absolutely hilarious movie. It feels weird to not see my friends for such a long time, to not just spontaneously decide to go and have tea or go work out at the gym or hearing the doorbell ringing just when you're bored. I'll miss them for sure but then again they do say that time flies. I guess 7 weeks are gonna pass by pretty fast.

Speaking of time, I'm so excited about the new Doctor Who it's really good. I won't spoil anything if there's people reading that haven't seen it but it's beyond amazing. It's making me long even more for England this summer. It wouldn't surprise me if I decided to move to London in the near future. Not at all.

Ah well, that's it for this time.


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