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Roughly 24 hours from now I'll be landing at Heathrow Airport. Which is just absurd and insane because I've been looking forward to this trip since I decided I was going in November when I bought my ticket for Wembley on Saturday. Time's gone by so fast and this trip is going to be so amazing. I'll be meeting up with my friend Yvette tomorrow at the airport because she lands the same time as I do. She's in Manchester at the moment queueing up for the green day gig at the lancashire cricket ground. Yesterday I found out the that swedish airlines would go on a pilot strike today bwetween 5am and 1pm so it's over by now but I was so worried yesterday that it was going to continue for tomorrow. But it looks like it won't so I'm hugely relieved.

Saturday is going to be incredible. I haven't even been able to comprehend or realise just how huge this gig is. Wembley Stadium is the second largest stadium in Europe with a capacity for 90,000 people during football games. I'm assuming there's gonna be roughly 75,000 - 80,000 people on Saturday cos the seats behind the stage won't be available obviously. I know I keep going on about but I can't even begin to explain how awesome it is to just be a part of this experience. At the moment I don't overly care where I stand as long as I'm not in the middle of the moshpit. I'm just glad to be there. I mean a year and a half ago I'd never have thought I'd get to see them live at all.

We'll be doing some touristing tomorrow, friday and on sunday. We'll squeeze in a ghostwalk somewhere I think. The only place I know I wanna visit is Westminster Abbey. I'm gonna get to see Hampton Court Palace when I visit my friend in Faversham.

In total I'll be in the UK for 10,5 days. Don't think I'll be updating much but yeah. I'll let you know I'm alive and all.

I'm so excited I can barely sit still.

Oh well, first things first. Gonna be packing stuff into a bigger suitcase and tonight I'm gonna be watching Robin hood with my brother and his girlfriend.
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