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Back to the Heat of the low lands following a brief but lovely time in the Cameron Highlands where the weather was a little more British. It was also a bit of a culture shock coming from the relatively quiet and tranquelle Highlands back into the hustle bustle and humid heat of the Malaysian capital. 

I was determined to see as much of this city as I could but I knew I had a return visit to look forward too in a few weeks should I miss anything.

We had taken an early morning bus jouney down from the Cameron Highlands. A journey which I can only describe as one of the most slowest and bendiest , yet (somewhat surprisingly) most comfortable bus journey's I had ever taken.  The Malaysian bus companies down from the Highlands proudly provide comfort as its number one objective as they know that there are a series of hair pin bends down the mountains which are less than comfortable.

To counter this they provide comfortable seating. The buses are only 3 seats wide, this is because they give you maximum comfort in armchair style seats which I have to say make the long jouney a lot more comfortable. Once we arrived in Kuala Lumpur we had to take a short walk to the hotel, which was a trek in the heat but a nice change after being sat on a bus for so long. We arrived at the Mayview Glory Hotel next to the Maybank Head Office tower. We were allocated our rooms and after a quick wash and change i met Jarod (an Aussie guy who I was on the trip with) downstairs and we decided to have a wander and explore the city. We wandered around a bit to get our barings before we met the others back at the Hotel and then headed out for somthing to eat and a wander down China Town to the Central Market.
The Central Market is a lovely air conditioned building full of lovely Malaysian gifts, arts and crafts

The following day Jarod and I went on a journey. We set off early doors to the Petronas Towers to queue for free tickets to the Observation walkway which connects the twin towers. We managed to get tickets for later in the afternoon / early evening about 6pm. We would return later that day with Diarmuid (an Irish fellow traveller).

After the tickets were collected we went to the Railways station. There are a few different train systems in KL, some private, some national and the monorail and so it was quite complicated to figure out which train went where. We did however set off on a KTM train and headed for the Batu Caves. After we arrived at the nearest Rail station, we were still required to take a taxi ride to the caves.

Unfortunately for me, the money I expected to save on the rail jouney as opposed to a taxi ride from our hotel, was wiped out by the fact I left my new camera in the taxi that dropped me off. I jumped into another local cab and a very nice driver took me back to the station where I was originally picked up as it was probably the most likely destination for the 1st cab. Amazingly the cab was parked up waiting for another fair and I managed to get my camera back  phhheeewwww !    The cab driver who helped me was gaining my trust by the minute and he offered to take us back from the caves back to our next destination of the Menara KL Tower for a reasonable price. He offered to wait for us outside the Batu Caves untill we were finished. True to his word he was there and he did indeed take us as promised at a very reasonable rate.

After the dilema of nearly loosing my camera, poor Jarod was waiting for me at the entrance. As I walked through the gates the phenominal 42.7m Murugon statue stood proud and overlooked me. The  statue guards the entrance to these Limestone caves of which has profouned religious meaning to Hindu Malaysians. We climbed the 272 steps and were met by a sign at the top which read " No running"   As if ?  We were tired after that climb. The monkies were mischieviously playing on the stairs and would often do their business on the handrails which I found out to my detriment ha-ha. Walking through the caves might not seem to be that impressive to most as plastic hindu memorials and characters were positioned in all corners. However, there was an spiritual feel to the place and it was an experiance.

As promised, our taxi driver was waiting for us and so we left for the Menara KL Tower, the tallest tower in the Capital. This is taller than the twin Petronas Towers and stands at 421 m high from ground to the tip of the antenna. We paid to take an elevator to the Observation deck 276m up and we got to see the whole of Kuala Lumpur and beyond in some instances. It was a fine day and the view was perfect.

We returned via tube (which is an excellent and easy way to travel around KL) to the Petronas Towers for our 6pm appointment. We met Diarmuid and after a brief film we then went upto the observation walkway before finishing in the museam and shop. After being up the KL Tower previously and seeing the view that had to offer, the Petronas Towers were a bit of an anti climax.

But I am pleased I went up and do not regret the hour wait for tickets. It is an impressive structure along with the KLCC underneath, which is a designer shoppers paradise. We had a few photo's taken next to this beautiful structure which is even more beautiful at night.

After this exhausting day, I decided to have a quiet night in as the other folks went off for a night in China Town. My feet were killing me after walking for miles. I did however briefly venture out to get some food nearby before the mother of all downpours emerged from the heavans. Glad I did nt go out after all.

Across from our hotel was a sad site to see, as a large congregation of homeless people gathered in a square to settle down for the night, this was sad to see but part of life I suppose and visible in any city around the world.

The group tour also took in Independence Square or Merdeka Square as it is now called which is where the Malaysians celebrated independence in 1957. The old palace style Parliment buildings that surround it provide a perfect example of Malaysian architecture.

Kuala Lumpur is a lovely city and I would most definately visit again. I hope to come back one day and see more

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