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Today is the last day before I take off from beautiful Japan. I have no idea where I should go. I suppose to have a relax day, after all, I've almost been to all the places I plan to go. Every day I was in a rush. No need alarm clock in the moring, I wake up around 6 o'clock, quickly had my breakie and head to the spot I plan to go. I tried hard to make most of the day. I suppose to just shopping and pack up for home, but I didn't find I have much to buy. They do have amazing long shopping street like shinsaibashi and underground Namba Walk in Osaka, where you can get inexpensive unique style clothes. I did experienced what's so called shop till you drop kind of feeling. The problem is they are mostly designed for skinny people.
I was amazed by the beautiful sakura in Nara. I didn't plan to go there at all. After being there, I realize that I made right choice.
Most common size is M(where the definition for M is height 158cm-162cm). I found lots of stylish clothes but unfortunately don't have my size. : ( Some I can just fit, but cannot move too much. What a shame! Because I didn't have a clue where I suppose to go on the last day. I went to the JR station, look at the map, thought maybe I should go back to Kobe again. But on the railway map, I found 540yen one way from ShinImamiya station (which is the nearby station from my accommodation) to Nara. I thought maybe I should go there and check out. I didn't plan to go to Nara, not even google anything about local transport. I only know it was famous for the giant Budda.
I wasn't interested in seeing Budda at all at the beginning. Because in my hometown, there's a temple have hundreds buddas in. Once I went to the place where has world giantest Budda, I didn't even bother go to check it out. I just went that province for the tasty food. But I have to say, it is beyond my expectation. I didn't regret going there at all. I was amazed by the beautiful gardening and cherry blossom there. One good thing about going to Nara is you can catch the city circle route bus to any spot of temple inside Nara park. From there you can follow the sign and guide map located in lots places inside garden, if you have enough time and energy you can easily walk from one to another. I get off at Todaiji (it's one of the world heritage)where the giant budda seats. Because I went out later than usual days, I didn't have enough time to check out most of temples/shrines there. I only went inside Todaiji, and then just have a relax walk around the park. Lots of deers inside the park, they'll follow you if they smell you've got food.
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Get Welcome stamp from Nara
Get Welcome stamp from Nara
I was amazed by the beautiful saku…
I was amazed by the beautiful sak…
Giant budda-Daibutsu
Giant budda-Daibutsu
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