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Bora Bora beach...a must go when in Burundi
Bujumbura, u could call it Buj, Bja and better still BJ!! ;)... ADVICE: dont booze when travelling to BJ by road! the many turns makes u drunk *2 ..especially when playing a 'flash your drink game'-and you get to loose more because when u get drunk u loose count!!

The journey was good, i love scenaries so i had the best view from my window...many hills, i wondered where the 9 million ppl lived, the hills were disserted... approaching the city was the best!! the good view, since we were on the hills and BJ is down, the beautifull lake, the rich green extension, SO beautiful.

Got to the city, and to the room we were to sleep in,...clubbed that night , and the next night, (mind you we had clubbed in Kigali the night before we travelled)...

Ppl in BJ are very friendly, though they are more of hustlers compared to their Rwandese neighbours.
View of Lake Tanganyika
The nice beach on the shores on Africas largest lake (either largest or 2nd largest) is the home of the renown crocodile GUSTAV (human flesh is like his favourite), and many hippos...they actually com eto the beach in the evenings , so there is curffew for swimming!

Sth interesting, where we were staying , was near the lake (but more of the fishing part of the lake) in the evening, a hippo was out of the lake , and it was not a big deal to the locals, they were doing things like they had not seen the hippo!!!...
All in all it was a nice experience, nice place to be, stuff in the markets were relatively cheaper than Rwanda...Congo is a stone throw away, so GOLD is not so rare...

graceyg says:
lool @hustlers yes its true!we are ;)haha
Posted on: May 07, 2011
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Bora Bora beach...a must go when i…
Bora Bora beach...a must go when …
View of Lake Tanganyika
View of Lake Tanganyika
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photo by: Bluenose