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Woke up at 6AM to get ourselves ready for the wakeboard. Travel time from hostel to CWC (Camsur Watersports Complex) is 10 to 15 minutes. It was no surprise that there were lots of people because of holiday and holy week is mostly the time to go out and spend summer with family and friends.

We arrived early and got a good location to park our ride but we were on the waiting list for the wakeboard. A lot of groups came in earlier and there are some already playing wakeboard. First thing we did was register our names (for those who would play wakeboard). Second is wait for them to call out our number and name. We registered around 8AM or 9AM if I'm not mistaken and they called us up lunchtime, 12:30 was the time (how inconvenient was that?!).

But anyway we didn't waste any time, got our equipments ready and headed for our wakeboard trial.

Since we are all beginners, we decided to go to the "beginner's lake". I was expecting to do some kneeboard first, but they taught us right away how to use the wakeboard, which is just okay, because it's what they use for wakeboard anyway. It seemed so easy to do by looking at it but once you're doing the actual, it was frustrating. My brother was the only one in our group who was successful in his first ride. But I didn't give up, I tried and tried until I get it right. The downside about it was most of our time were wasted in lining up and waiting for our turn, there were really lots of people that time and a lot more were coming in. But on the bright side, wakeboarding was fun and surely I will do it again next time if I have the chance to.

We availed of the following and here are the fees:
Swimming Pool: Php150 (whole day)
Cottage: Php700 (consumable)
Equipment Rental (hourly rate): Php40 (deposit Php 500, it will then be given back to you upon returning the equipment)
Park rate (whole day): (Sorry I forgot....)

cookeymuncher says:
We'll see! :P
Posted on: May 04, 2010
cookeymuncher says:
Right, me and my bro wanted to go to another wakeboard spot in Batangas. Maybe you should try this kind of watersports too? ;)
Posted on: May 04, 2010
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