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bench at the end of the path overgrown with ferns and shrubs... we'll fix this!

We took our huge two wheel wheel barrel into the gardens today. We'll leave it and use it. The parks department had one but I'm a really wobbly wheeler and I had a terrible time using it. We picked up some of the flowers from stores. Too late to catch all of them. I do have to make calls (picture sad face here) and follow up on people who didn't respond. I'm definitely not a smooth talker so they have to patiently wait while I stutter through what I am saying.

The hardest thing is keeping organized so that all of the levels of flowers are purchased. I have to check them off as I get them and keep the colors coordinated. We have four beds to plant so we are making them different color schemes. Yellow/orange/red. Purple/pink/yellow. Maroon/yellow/white. Plus a cottage garden that will have a mixture of flower colors. Not all pony packs are one color so we are doing the cottage garden so we don't waste any of our generous donations.

We went to dinner last night with my parents. When we got home we went out to check the goats and found one was getting ready to kid. We ran to the house for supplies and when we got back two were getting ready! It was freezing in the barn! We finally brought out a portable heater to defrost our hands and noses. But.... soon we turned the warm air to the new, wet kids. So we have three new kids! One goat had twins and the other had an absolutely enormous buck. So lucky we were there as she could not have kidded it herself. He is one of the biggest we have ever seen. We got everyone situated with heating pads and took care of the moms. We finally got into the house at 2:30 AM and went to bed around 3 after we put our wet, muddy clothes into the washer. We have one more goat to kid so we got up at 6:30 AM to check her.... she was fine but looked annoyed with us.... to bed until 8:30....

Back to the garden:..... this morning I am finishing the dreaded solicitation calls. I found everyone was very nice .... some were prevented from contributing by their corporation but they are going to submit our letter to see if they might be able to donate later. We are picking up flowers and getting to the gardens to work up the beds. Hopefully we'll plant and finish them by tomorrow night. Crossing fingers for no rain... that would be lovely. But.... we'll be there rain or shine! Looking forward to seeing how beautiful this will be in a month when the flowers get their growth and blossoms .... maybe people will get married by the wishing well again! ! ! (Thinking good thoughts for this!!)

Sweetski says:
Those goats aren't kidding when they are ready to deliver :D Congrats on all your kids :)
Posted on: Apr 07, 2010
sylviandavid says:
LOL.... Yeah...we are into kidding here!!! It's why we had to delay our trip to China from March to mid April... everyone is doing great! Sylvia
Posted on: Apr 06, 2010
Sunflower300 says:
Wow, a big day with a lot of kidding around. :)
Posted on: Apr 06, 2010
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bench at the end of the path overg…
bench at the end of the path over…
photo by: sylviandavid