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6.25.10 Quebec City


Quebec City is dazzling!  Wow!  Just a three hour drive from Montreal on an easy highway. 


We sang Evelyn’s praises today because thanks to her excellent info, we are parked at the train station’s RV lot!  It is PERFECT and so close in.  It’s a pricey $45 for 24 hours for no services in a dirt parking lot, but we are just half a mile from the Old City (Vieux Port).  Awesome!


When we arrived at 1pm this Friday afternoon, there were about 100 rigs already here! Now it’s almost full.



I’d viewed the lot from home on Google satellite when Evelyn was here, so I was confident on the roads driving in.  We took their same route even along the St. Lawrence River.  Why mess up a good thing?


Then we unloaded our bikes and rode off on the paved, lined bike path.  Again, a bike friendly town!  My electric bike was awesome flying up the steep mountain to old town, but the kids were not so lucky.  The perfect afternoon  made it a fun outing.


We shopped, saw the old fort and town wall run by Parks Canada, saw the funicular, enjoyed talented buskers, etc.  A Holland cruise ship in port provided plenty of energetic sightseers.


The old town is the only walled city north of Mexico and is a UNESCO World Heritage site.  Hooray!  It is really fascinating and pretty.


We were surprised that every single person we met today was nice.  I’m certain that being inundated with tourists would get tiring, but we always witnessed kindness and helpfulness by the people we met working in town.  We never take kindness for granted.  Also, we appreciated everyone’s willingness to attempt to speak in English or help us with our French as we always tried to use French first.


While we had snacks in town, we spent our funds today on clothes, so we returned to Ciao to have salad for dinner.  But we did get croissants for breakfast tomorrow!


Then after dinner, we took our bikes back into old town, walking with them through the more crowded pedestrian areas, and biking around until we were lost (of course).  Under the impeding threat of darkness with too few lights on our bikes for safety, we whipped out the Nuvi GPS and followed it back to Ciao. 


It was way too dark by the time we made it back and Jazy was a bit frazzled from it all.  We had less than a minute to get the bikes under a tarp when a HUGE rainstorm came upon us without warning!  I just managed to take a picture of the full moon rising over the city when the rain hit.

  Whew!  We’d made it JUST in the nick of time!  We were so grateful to be in Ciao.  We never saw the storm coming. 


It was a great day and we are thrilled to be in this city that is so beloved by all.  What city does it most resemble to you?  Here were our answers:

Charles:  Brussels

Jazy:  Luxembourg

Lia:  Barcelona

Me :  Prague


Sparkling, fun, pleasant, safe, lovely architecture, and environmentally friendly (bikes, electric buses, sidewalks and paved trails).

We look forward to seeing more tomorrow!


One week until we pick Ned up in Nova Scotia!  Hooray!






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RV parking at the Train Station lot
RV parking at the Train Station lot
Bike path arounde QC
Bike path arounde QC
Bridge into Quebec City
Bridge into Quebec City
Bridge into Quebec City
Bridge into Quebec City
Quebec City
photo by: peppertm